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Sourcing Sidekick Launched by Vendor Marketplace

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The Vendry has launched Copilot, a browser extension that displays additional vendor information as they surf the web. This new technology is a clever way of using the company's extensive database of vendors.

Sourcing platform The Vendry announced today the launch of Copilot. Copilot is a browser extension that displays additional and relevant information as users surf the web. This is a new and clever way of using the company’s technology.

After installing the browser extension and logging in, users can access all the information available in The Vendry’s database directly while browsing the web. While navigating around a venue or vendor’s website, users will be able to see contact information, ratings, and related press articles.

The sourcing sidekick extension has the potential to standardize and streamline the often haphazard experience of comparing venues and vendors via their often widely different sites.

The extension also links to custom files and notes that are part of each team’s knowledge base. For example, if a team has held an event at a specific property, the extension will display this valuable information. If there are no records of the venue or vendor on The Vendry’s database, users can add a new one created directly from the extension or added to a team-wide ‘view-later’ list.

Copilot also displays updates from another of The Vendry’s recent launches, IndustryIQ. IndustryIQ is a customizable aggregated feed of the latest venue and vendor news. This service includes updates from Skift and Skift Meetings.

The Vendry boats 25,000 members and lists more than 15,000 venues and vendors. In November, the company introduced The Vendry Pro, an enhanced premium planner-supported product.

Copilot is available to both paying and free members.