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Future of the Events Industry 2024

The best way to predict the future is to create it. But don’t go at it alone. Join us to hear from ten forward-thinking event professionals who are shaping the events industry’s future.  We’re back for the fifth edition of our virtual summit, focusing on uncovering what lies ahead for the meetings industry. Our hand-picked […]

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The Best of 2023: Case Studies in Event Excellence

In a rapidly evolving world, we can count on events to innovate, inspire, and impress. What exactly were the event experiences and technologies that left us spellbound in 2023? We’ve delved into the past year to unearth the magic and are excited to share these insights with you. In our upcoming virtual summit, we profile […]

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Events as the Future of Marketing: Driving and Measuring ROI

During the past three years, marketing teams have assumed a greater role in event management, and in turn events have taken an even more central role in marketing campaigns. Marketing teams have vast experience of the data-rich tracking that is available via digital channels — experience that is just as crucial for driving and measuring […]

September 27

Skift Meetings Forum 

The inaugural Skift Meetings Forum will bring together top-tier business events professionals and high-level suppliers against the backdrop of New York City. An “event-within-an-event,” the Skift Meetings Forum will be co-located with the Skift Global Forum, taking place between 26-28 September, renowned for its unvarnished discussions with tech titans, and business and hospitality leaders. All Skift Meetings […]

October 16

Skift Meetings Innovation Lab at IMEX America 2023

October 16, 2023 (part of Smart Monday programming) 2.30 pm PT Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas The Skift Meetings Innovation Lab is an interactive event addressing key industry topics through facilitated peer-to-peer discussions. We gather each participant’s challenges before the event and compile the key topics worth discussing. At the event, we use the knowledge […]

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Destination Experience Summit

The Destination Experience Summit is a groundbreaking virtual event dedicated to showcasing the transformative power of destinations in hosting extraordinary experiences and unforgettable meetings.  Destinations are essential partners for planners seeking to create unique and compelling meeting experiences. By exploring the latest trends, best practices, and success stories, this summit aims to inspire and empower […]

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The Future of the Event Industry

The third edition of our virtual summit focuses on uncovering what lies ahead for the meetings industry. Created for forward-thinking meeting professionals, it is brimming with expert insights, up-to-date predictions, and best practices from industry leaders. It features big thinking planners who are at the forefront of innovation, sharing how they are creating the future. […]

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2023 Event Trends Summit

2023 is just around the corner. As we  look ahead, it’s natural to be concerned about the challenges we might face. With so many forces currently at play, identifying those potential challenges  is only half the battle. We also must find ways to prepare for those changes. Some of the unknowns we face are caused […]

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Skift Meetings Innovation Lab – Live at IMEX America

The Skift Meetings Innovation Lab is an interactive and highly engaging half-day event designed by planners for planners. We explore each participant’s challenges and use the knowledge of peers in the room to uncover topical knowledge and experience that leads to tangible innovation. Our hand-picked event scientists will lead facilitated conversations that spur solutions and […]

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Event Design Summit

Reimagining Event Experiences The way we’ve always done things may not be the best way of doing things. There’s no time like now to stop and reimagine what is possible.  Participant expectations have changed and technology has opened new possibilities. Now it’s up to event designers to break the molds and create dazzling event experiences. […]