CMP Clock Hours, The Easy Way

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All of Skift Meetings' virtual summits, webinars and reports are pre-approved for continuing education clock hours (CEs), essential to certifying or recertifying as a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP). Best of all, they are all free of charge and available on demand.

In 2022, Skift Meetings delivered four virtual summits, three webinars, and nine reports; each contains new and reliable data, analysis, and insights benefiting meeting professionals looking to certify or recertify as a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP). Every resource mentioned here is available at no cost and can be instantly accessed on demand.

Skift Meetings is part of the Events Industry Council’s Preferred Provider program. As a result, all our virtual summits, webinars, and reports are pre-approved for continuing education clock hours (CEs). If you are working on becoming a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) or it’s time to recertify, sign up for any of the resources listed below to earn CEs. You can also use these CEs towards other accreditations, such as PCMA’s Digital Event Strategist (DES) certificate.

*Please note that you should self-report the CEs on the Events Industry Council platform should you require them for recertification before the end of 2022. As part of the Preferred Provider Program, Skift Meetings reports CEs to the Events Industry Council quarterly. Any resource you register for access will be recorded in our MySkift platform; however, we will upload the next batch at the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Virtual Summits 

Our final virtual summit of 2022 focused on the trends that will shift our thinking and change our actions in the year ahead. Listen to candid conversations with handpicked experts breaking down trends and giving you the insights and tools you need to create outstanding programs in 2023.

Event Design Summit (3 CEs)

Participant expectations have changed, and technology has opened new possibilities. Now it’s up to event designers to break the molds and create dazzling event experiences.

This virtual summit explores reimagining event experiences through conversations with experts who clearly lay out event design concepts and ideas and share practical tips and advice grounded in real-world events.

Event Tech Innovation Summit 2022 (3 CEs)

Keeping up with the rapidly changing event tech landscape is hard, even for the most tech-savvy event professionals. This virtual summit provides a clear overview of the most exciting new event tech tools and offers a glimpse of how technology will support events in the future.

The Future of the Event Industry Summit 2022 (3 CEs)

Industry leaders, including major exhibition organizers, key association executives, top agency planners, and venue management companies, join us for a future-facing virtual summit. The topics covered include agile planning, experience design, year-round communities, and how hybrid work transforms event tech and venue planning.


Event Data Intelligence: Turning Ideas and Insights Into Action (1 CE)

In partnership with Bizzabo

This webinar focuses on how to use event data to: 

  • empower sales and account teams for maximum event impact
  • develop meaningful KPIs that satisfy the most analytics-hungry stakeholders
  • tell impact stories that connect numbers, correlations, and trends to business outcomes
  • and design events to create memorable and personalized attendee experiences.

Smart Events: A Way to Boost Event ROI & Attendee Experiences (1 CE)

In partnership with Swapcard

Attendees are increasingly selective about the events they attend in person, and smart events embrace the advantages and efficiencies that technology offers. This webinar explores:

  • why smart events are no longer just a ‘nice to have’
  • how to use smart events to provide a better experience for both exhibitors and attendees
  • how to create a smart attendee journey with recommendations, personalization, and engagement
  • how to maximize sponsor and exhibitor ROI with smart matchmaking and real-time lead capture
  • how to keep attendees engaged, all the way from pre-event to post-event

In partnership with MeetingPlay + Aventri (now Stova)

This webinar explores what’s emerging and what’s next in attendee behaviors, events, and shared experiences. It features insight into how data and trends are transforming and informing the future of events, the tech options that are changing the face of events, and how to hit your benchmarks in a world of new opportunities.


State of Business Events (1 CE)

Understanding current trends and connecting the dots is hugely helpful in adapting event products to new industry realities to make content planning and market strategy decisions. With insights, analysis and charts, this report is here to help you better understand where we are at this moment and to help you prepare for 2023.

The Complete Guide to Event Data Strategy (1 CE)

In partnership with Webex Events (formerly Socio)

This report takes an in-depth look at how to capture and leverage data across the entire event life cycle: pre-event, mid-event, and post-event, giving you the tools you need to create and implement your own effective data strategy.

Designing for Connection (1 CE)

The move to hybrid work has been one of the most significant changes to the working world for at least a generation. It is a shift that provides substantial challenges and opportunities. Are you ready to start designing business events that meet these needs? This report is your guide to this new world. It features insights from over 25 leading business event professionals who, like you, navigate this changing landscape in real-time.

Innovative Destinations Guide 2022 (1 CE)

How are forward-thinking regions reinventing the meeting experience? How can planners raise the bar with genuinely innovative event experiences? Here’s where that old saying from real estate comes into the picture: location, location, location. This report showcases leading examples from around the world, furnishing you with potential locations and inspiration for what to put on your wishlist.

Ultimate Guide to Event Tech at IMEX in Frankfurt 2022 (1 CE)

This report lays out a clear and up-to-date view of event tech today. It starts with a short history of event tech’s evolution, offers straightforward advice on using different types of event tech to elevate the attendee experience, and explores diverse emerging trends in event tech.

Delivering Outstanding Event Experiences in the New Era of Events (1 CE)

In partnership with Webex Events (formerly Socio)

This report charts the evolution and intersection of in-person and digital event experiences. It features trends to keep on top of industry shifts. In addition, it explores the benefits of a blended approach to event experiences, showcasing the industry’s most innovative event design strategies today.

Virtual Event Tech Guide 2022 (1 CE)

Discover the right tech to support your virtual events. This report features data from hundreds of planners who shared their views and plans for virtual events. Next, it looks ahead at what lies ahead for virtual events and the technology that supports them. Finally, it offers references and recommendations on all the virtual event-related terms and processes you need to know.

Guide to Event Engagement (1 CE)

In partnership with Hubilo

Learn how top event professionals are delivering their most engaging events yet. This report features checklists to help you understand attendee needs and master event analytics; tips and tricks for the best event design strategies and the tools needed to make them shine; and crowdsources ideas drawn from a pool of over 350 open-ended responses.

Mobile Event App Guide (1 CE)

Explore The Complete Guide to Mobile Event Apps. This report features expert advice on purchasing mobile event apps in 2022, an in-depth look at the top mobile-event-app sales and support questions, and valuable tips and advice from three industry leaders.