State of Business Events

November 2022

Over the last two-and-a-half years, we’ve regularly gathered data on the state of the industry. Analyzing primary data was particularly important at the peak of the COVID pandemic as it enabled us to assess the impact of COVID and look closely at how the industry was coping.

As we continue to move out of COVID restrictions and guidelines, it is no surprise that this year’s report takes on a slightly different format. It provides a vital snapshot of this moment when most of the world’s meetings and events are back to in-person formats.

Even now, when the industry is continuing to thrive, it is essential to take an objective look at the data to predict the impact of any upcoming challenges; sense-checking the moment and debunking any myths.

The data we collected, via a survey conducted between September and October 2022, is not just fascinating; it gives us valuable information about where to invest our resources. Understanding current trends and connecting the dots is hugely helpful in adapting event products to new industry realities. At Skift Meetings, we use this data internally to make content planning and market strategy decisions and we encourage you to use this report and the findings within similarly for your own teams.

With insights, analysis and charts, this report is here to help you better understand where we are in this moment and to help you prepare for 2023, including the top five trends to watch next year.

In the report, we explore topics including:

  • The current state of COVID concerns
  • The pandemic’s impact on remote workforces
  • Decreased demand for in-person events
  • The growing emphasis on a compelling value proposition
  • Staff and supply shortages
  • Shorter lead times
  • Rising costs
  • Travel chaos
  • Destination selection
  • The shift in digital engagement
  • Sustainability

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State of Business Events

November 2022

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