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Three virtual summits, one webinar, and 13 reports were featured on Skift Meetings this year. Check them out to earn continuing education hours.

Three virtual summits, one webinar, and 13 reports were featured on Skift Meetings this year. Each features insights presented by industry experts. In addition, meeting professionals earn Continuing Education (CE) credits by watching these resources that are available on demand and at no cost.

Skift Meetings holds accreditation from the Events Industry Council (EIC), allowing participants to earn clock hours for webinars, events, and reports. This is particularly beneficial for those pursuing Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) accreditation. Credits earned can also be applied to other accreditations such as PCMA’s Digital Event Strategist (DES) certificate.

*Please note that you should self-report the CEs on the Events Industry Council platform if you require them for recertification before the end of 2023. As part of the Preferred Provider Program, Skift Meetings reports CEs to the Events Industry Council quarterly.

Virtual Summits

The Best of 2023: Case Studies in Event Excellence (2 CE)

This case study virtual summit highlights the standout event experiences and technologies of 2023, offering critical insights, global networking opportunities with event professionals, and inspiration to elevate your event planning skills for impactful and memorable experiences in 2024.

Destination Experience Summit (2 CE)

The Destination Experience Summit is a virtual event aiming to showcase the transformative influence of destinations on creating unique meeting experiences, offering insights into several topics such as the impact of travel bans, the reinvention of destinations and exploring uncharted dream destinations to inspire innovative planning approaches for business event professionals.

The Future of The Events Industry (2 CE)

The fourth edition of the virtual summit is designed for forward-thinking meeting professionals, offering expert insights, predictions, and best practices from industry leaders, focusing on various topics that positively impact businesses and exploring the potential of emerging technologies in elevating events.


Events as the Future of Marketing: Driving and Measuring ROI (1 CE)

In Partnership with Stova

This webinar focuses on leveraging quantifiable metrics to: 

  • The case for marketing teams as central to events
  • Tips for translating data into lead gen insights
  • Tools to drive sales and marketing efforts on the show floor and beyond
  • Advice on maximizing event tech adoption
  • Secrets to true attendee personalization and client nurturing


Why Intentionality Is the Future of Meetings (1 CE)

In partnership with Visit Seattle and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX

The recent upheaval in the events industry has created both challenges and opportunities for professionals globally, emphasizing the importance of intentionality as a defining mindset. This report looks at how designing more intentional meetings involves strategic consideration of factors that favor face-to-face interactions and making judicious decisions regarding expenses for maximum value. This approach also extends to conscientiously addressing environmental and community impacts. Essentially, there must be a “why” behind every decision.

The Evolution of Incentive Travel – From Transactional to Transformative (1 CE)

In partnership with Tourism New Zealand and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX

Premium incentive travel has shifted from transactional to transformative, focusing on fostering deeper connections and purpose beyond sales goals. This report explores how choosing the right destination, combined with on-the-ground support, can provide a springboard for imaginative and transformative incentive travel experiences.

Orchestrating Success: The Future of Leadership and Careers in Events (1 CE)

The events industry is in a constant state of flux due to dynamic trends, new technologies, and a generational shift, leading to a change in events careers at an unprecedented pace. Our comprehensive report explores the evolving landscape, providing insights into the future of event leadership and guidance on seizing opportunities in this dynamic environment, addressing key questions for aspiring event professionals.

How to Think Big About Small VIP Retreats (1 CE)

In partnership with Bermuda Tourism Authority and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX

In the post-pandemic business landscape, board meetings, and executive retreats have gained increased significance as crucial drivers of success. This report looks at how redefining exclusivity, fostering creativity, exploring diverse settings beyond traditional venues, and emphasizing convenience for attendees are essential considerations for designing effective and impactful high-level meetings for organizational leaders.

6 Takeaways for the Future of Meetings (1 CE)

Skift Meetings and New York City Tourism + Conventions partnered to produce this report that recaps the key highlights and takeaways from the inaugural Skift Meetings Forum in New York City on September 27, 2023. 

The sessions covered in this report include the impact of Maritz consolidation, the evolution of event design for the next generation, the influence of travel bans and politics on destination selection, the productivity boost from AI event technology, the dynamic nature of event industry communities, and big-picture sustainability.

Diversity Meeting Planning: A Guide to Creating Equitable and Inclusive Event Experiences (1CE)

In partnership with the IMEX Group

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are driven by moral, legal, and business considerations. The report explores the intricacies of the topic, highlighting the benefits of neuroinclusion, emphasizing the synergy between DEI and sustainability. It showcases the organizations that prioritize inclusivity for participants and staff.

The Planner’s Guide to Proving ROI at In-Person Events (1 CE)

In partnership with Stova and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX

The post-pandemic return of in-person events has seen attendance surpassing 2019 levels, but the enduring impact of the virtual event era is evident as marketing teams maintain a central role with a heightened focus on data. This report demonstrates how event professionals can optimize in-person events, regardless of size, with strategies including tracking metrics like foot traffic and session attendance, enhancing lead generation, measuring engagement touchpoints, managing and deriving meaning from data, and emphasizing the significance of first-party data for executives seeking quantifiable ROI.

Unplugging Is the New Connection: 4 Tips for a Restorative Meeting Experience (1 CE)

In partnership with Arizona Office of Tourism and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX

In a world dominated by constant technological notifications, where over half of Americans are experiencing burnout, the antidote may lie in reimagining our approach to work. This report explores how to foster a healthier work-life balance and enhance productivity while embracing a new paradigm for meetings and events. One that encourages personal disconnection, outdoor activities, and a break from screens to allow a chance to recharge and connect in person.

Calling All Changemakers: Create Positive Impact With Your Event (1 CE) 

In partnership with BESydney and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX

Business events, essential drivers of change, face heightened challenges amid ongoing pandemic recovery and geopolitical pressures, demanding a delicate balance for organizers to deliver value while prioritizing conscientious considerations. This report explores how to successfully leverage a destination’s assets to meet sustainability goals, among others, and create lasting change.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Sustainable Meetings (1 CE)

In partnership with IMEX Group

Organizations are tackling global challenges through inspirational case studies and practical guidance, aligning with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Ultimate Guide to Planning Sustainable Meetings includes real-life examples of diverse initiatives supporting poverty eradication, environmental protection, and peace, as well as addressing specific SDGs such as “Zero Hunger” through source reduction and emphasizing health and well-being in event design, highlighting the transformative impact of circularity in hosting meetings.

Event Technology Made Simple – 2023 Edition (1 CE)

Event Technology Made Simple is a comprehensive report merging the Virtual Event Tech Guide and the Mobile Event App Guide to offer a concise overview of 61 leading event technology platforms catering to in-person hybrid and virtual events. This report features in-depth analysis, categorization, and comparison of almost 70 companies, providing business event professionals with valuable insights to identify the most suitable technologies for their needs.

In partnership with Travel Portland and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX

Nearly three years of online meetings have underscored the significance of in-person events for learning and connection. However, event planners now face the urgent task of ensuring responsible and sustainable gatherings, considering environmental impact, community relations, and reputation, all while managing increasing costs. This report explores the importance of providing a comprehensive package for face-to-face events, emphasizing sustainability, ROI, diversity and inclusion, enhanced travel experiences, and a broad range of activities beyond convention centers.

In the face of dynamic challenges, the meetings industry has undergone rapid adaptation and innovation in recent years, marked by uncertainty as a constant factor. This report outlines seven key trends that influence how event professionals plan, design, and execute business events in 2023 and beyond with the goal of fostering positive legacies for future generations.