AI Helps Event Marketers Repurpose Video Content

Skift Take

AI-powered editing tools can now repurpose event videos to create channel-specific content at scale. The latest platforms promise to save resources and deliver video content that delivers tangible results.

The idea of a year-round or always-on event marketing strategy is not new. Event technology companies are keen to promote how any content created on their platforms can power year-round communities. The appeal is simple, and active online communities are incredibly valuable for promoting events. However, one of the core challenges is producing channel-specific video content at scale that keeps audiences engaged.

This is where Artificial Intelligence (AR) comes in. Much like leaning on Chat-GPT to create and adapt text, a growing number of tools can help do the same for video. One of these is Israel-based GlossAi. Other companies using Artificial intelligence (AI) to power video repurposing with events in mind include CLIPr and Visual Hive.

Boosting Conversion

GlossAi uses proprietary AI to identify the most important parts of a video, and automatically generate edited content of various lengths for different users to use across channels.

eToro use GlossAi to automatically convert video content into short-form channel-specific videos, images, and text. “It’s hard to attract people to listen to an hour-long financial discussion,” said Nir Szmulewicz, chief marketing officer at eToro. “With GlossAi’s videos, we’ve seen an uptake of nearly 40% in regular attendees.”

Saving Resources

GlossAi’s main selling point is how the technology saves companies time, money, and resources. The tool has fine-tuned pre-set templates to generate videos that perform well on specific social media platforms.

“Companies are thinking of how to make their content go further,” said Ofer Familier, co-founder & CEO of GlossAi. “Customers who swapped expensive productions for our automatic V-AI are now instantly making exciting promo videos for webinars, announcing new features with fanfare, and extracting the most impactful moments from within customer testimonials.”

When GlobalDots needed to edit and publish daily interviews instantly across multiple social media channels. The company used GlossAi to bypass working with external editors, which according to GlossAi reduced post-production costs by 85 percent.

Photo credit: TheRegisti / Unsplash