The State of Event Tech 2024

Man holding a smartphone playing the Skift Meetings Podcast - The State of Event Tech 2024

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Explore some of the seismic shifts and emerging trends shaping the event tech landscape in 2024.

In the latest episode of the Skift Meetings Podcast, we take a deep dive into event tech based on the findings of the Skift Meetings Event Tech Almanac 2024. We explore the significant transformations the event tech sector has undergone and discuss the evolving demands on event tech and the latest solutions on offer.

Major Industry Shifts

The pivot to virtual event platforms during the pandemic marked a turning point for the industry. Companies like Hopin experienced meteoric rises but faced challenges that led to a decline and eventual sale of assets. Meanwhile, stalwarts like Cvent have shown resilience, maintaining their footholds amid fluctuating market dynamics.

Recent movements, such as Webex’s decision to stop marketing products to planners, highlight the sector’s ongoing realignments. These changes underscore the industry’s volatility and the necessity for adaptability among leading players.

Platform Evolution

This year’s Event Tech Almanac focuses on a curated list of 85 key platforms across twelve different types. The concentrated analysis provides insights into essential features like integration capabilities and complex pricing models. The report also emphasizes the critical need for robust data security and transparent pricing structures. These elements reflect the sector’s response to demands for greater clarity and accountability in service offerings.

Data Security and Ownership Concerns

Data security is more important than ever in event technology. The almanac’s findings strongly emphasize robust data protection measures, a response to the growing concerns about data privacy across digital platforms.

Data ownership models among different providers are crucial considerations for planners concerned with data sovereignty and security. Shared versus exclusive data rights have clear implications with potential risks and benefits.

Looking ahead, the integration of artificial intelligence stands out as a promising development within event technology. AI is set to play a significant role in refining user engagement and simplifying complex operational processes through automation and predictive analytics. AI will undoubtedly be leveraged to enhance event planning and execution, potentially transforming the landscape of event tech by making platforms more intuitive and responsive.


The Skift Meetings Event Tech Almanac 2024 is an essential resource for understanding the complexities and dynamic nature of the event technology sector. Available for free download, it offers a wealth of information and strategic guidance crucial for navigating the evolving market.