Adobe Invests in Real-Time Event Data Capabilities

Skift Take

Software giant Adobe is paying a lot of attention to real-time event data. It is boosting its data-capturing capabilities by partnering with event marketing platform RainFocus with a focus on online personalization.

Event marketing platform RainFocus announced today a new data integration solution in collaboration with Adobe. This partnership aims to give clients the tools to leverage zero- and first-party customer data from events and seamlessly combine event and marketing data.

Having recently become a Certified Platinum Partner, the new capabilities simplify the ingestion and mapping of RainFocus data into the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). Data collected and aggregated from RainFocus can be used to visualize attendee journeys and enable online personalization.

“Utilizing Adobe’s innovative solutions and the RainFocus platform, we can deliver personalization at scale, measure impact, and drive sales and ROI simultaneously for Adobe Summit and beyond,” said JR Sherman, CEO of RainFocus.

“RainFocus, enhanced by Adobe integrations, helps enterprises personalize experiences for an underserved component of the marketing mix — events and conferences,” said Justin Merickel, vice president of business development, Experience Cloud at Adobe. “Adobe Marketo Engage, Adobe Analytics and the RainFocus event platform together provide our mutual customers with great in-person, hybrid, and virtual event experiences.”

While some virtual event technology platforms focus on attendee engagement, RainFocus is positioning itself as an expert in capturing first-party data through events. One thing does not exclude the other, but the intent is worth noting and follows on from its pre-Covid-pandemic focus as an insight-driven platform.

This partnership suggests that RainFocus becomes the preferred platform to power live events. Adobe Connect, the tech giant’s existing virtual event platform, focuses on webinars, training, and learning sessions rather than full-blown virtual events.

RainFocus has worked with Adobe on its event portfolio for the past five years. It is powering the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas and virtually starting today. Over the next three days, more than 10,000 in-person and virtual attendees will participate in 200 sessions.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated that RainFocus has powered the Adobe Summit for the past five years.