Youtube Introduces Live Streaming for Events

In a long awaited move , specifically designed for events. How is it going to impact your event?

I won’t write my usual intro on what Youtube is. If you don’t know what Youtube is, please unsubscribe now! Just kidding :-).

However, a fact the wide majority of event professionals ignore is that Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world!

Therefore perspective attendees are probably searching for videos related to your event on Youtube and making up their registration decision based on what they see.

OK What’s the News?

Youtube launched a product designed for events. Specifically live streaming for events.


What is so Special About It?

We don’t know much, apart from an obscure partner information page that promises a gradual roll out. In fact the product has been reserved only to selected partners.

As with all the things Google, you have to interpret their wording. The most interesting bit appears to be the ‘Discovery’ component mentioned in the above post. There seems to be a connection with search. This potentially has an impact on your customers search behaviour and experience.


How does Video Search Affect my Event Registration Numbers?

Video has a massive influence on Google search results. Where in fact search results with no videos usually show a golden triangle pattern (fig.1), search results with video items follow a different pattern (fig. 2). That means that if you don’t make it to the top 3 results on Google results page, you have an opportunity to rank higher by uploading videos and potentially live stream in the future.


How do I get Youtube Live?

Google is more hermetic than ever in disclosing how to get the feature activated. They only mention to keep your channel active and upload frequently.

This could be a great opportunity to go back to your Youtube channel (because you have one, right?) and populate it with great content from previous events or to think about interviewing your speakers/performers about what their performance will be.

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