Twoppy Makes Your Event Mobile

We have been looking lately at how technology is evolving in such a way that building a website for your event is becoming easier and cheaper than you think. We have also looked at how mobile is becoming event professionals’ secret weapon to deliver a consistent experience on all touchpoints.

And here comes Twoppy.

What is Twoppy?

It’s an online service to . It is optimized for iPhone and Android.

Why it matters?

Well because it has quite a substantial deal of free features such as event maps, Twitter stream integration, speakers bios and basic networking capabilities such as messaging.

Why should you care?

Because you can tell to #$%^ off to all the stakeholders asking for a ‘mobile strategy’. With Twoppy you can just get it done quickly and you don’t have to care about paying gazillions of dollars for a broken mobile website.

What about if I want it to look fancy?

Pay the premium and get the white label solution. With the sponsors extras you can get your sponsors involved and generate another stream of revenue.

Twoppy is yet another Dutch service. Dutch people are getting serious with event technology. They are delivering neat and simple ideas and Twoppy definitely confirms that.