How to embed twitter in your event

Photo by: luc legay

I was recently at ad:tech London and complained on how they did not integrate twitter during the event, although a lot of people attending the event were twitting about it. Last weekend I attended BarCampLondon5 and @cyberdees and @cianw, members of the eBay organization, showed me how to embed the service.

What is twitter?

Why you need to integrate twitter in your event?

– Creating @eventname will help you in communicating with your attendees and collect early feedback about your choices
– Using @eventname to talk about the event will help in actually promoting the event in the community and get more sponsors
– Telling people to use #eventname will help to group the talks about your event under one tag. Hashtag as well as @eventtrack aggregate events by #eventname. It will be then easy to track discussion, feedback and user experience.
– Live twitting, the ability to see on one screen the live twits during an event, helps twitterers to recognize themselves and network more efficiently.

How do you integrate twitter in your event?

– Use a large monitor connected to a computer
– Download Adobe AIr and TwitterCamp
– Make sure that the screen can be read easily by attendees

This is how they did it at BarCampLondon5

Comments and suggestions

Have you used twitter at your event? Then please share your experience.