How To Stream Events on Youtube Live

I’ve been following the evolution of Youtube Live, the Google service to live stream events on Youtube on a few occasions.

Here is a recap:

– This is When YouTube introduced Live

– This is an analysis of the impact of streaming event on YouTube and why selecting YouTube as an event streaming platform is a winning choice.

– We told you that setting up a YouTube Channel for your event took less than 30 Minutes.

– We gave you 3 alternatives to stream your event without having access to YouTube Live

We Gave You a Hint

Out of the above articles, one statement particularly stands out in retrospective:

Google is more hermetic than ever in disclosing how to get the feature activated. They only mention to keep your channel active and upload frequently.

This could be a great opportunity to go back to your Youtube channel (because you have one, right?) and populate it with great content from previous events or to think about interviewing your speakers/performers about what their performance will be.

If you followed this advice, you probably have YouTube Live already active on your account.

In fact, it just takes 100 subscribers to have YouTube Live activated if your account is in good standing.

If you kept your account active, you probably already reached 100 subscribers and Live is ready for your event.

How To Check If YouTube Live Is Active On Your Account

Just navigate to your Account Features tab.

This is what you would have seen until recently:

Youtube live events

If you have at least 100 subscribers and your account is in good standing you may notice an ‘Enable’ button that looks like this:

Youtube live

Just click it and Live will be soon active on your channel. Google says that the roll out is gradual so all of the above may not be immediate but it could become active soon.

Before You Stream Events on YouTube

There are several options to check before going live. Here is a nifty guide to get you started.

Google also announced several new features, here is what you need to know.

In Conclusion

YouTube Live is not a common streaming service.

It combines Google’s power on SEO with the live streaming experience. There are incredible online marketing opportunities if you have the chance to stream your events on Youtube.

If you’ve done your homework and grew your channel to 100 subscribers you are ready to start.

I would suggest to at least consider it as a streaming platform, the opportunities could be substantial for your event.