3 Ways to Livestream Events on YouTube

Yes, we can. Did you know you could livestream events on a Youtube Channel? Here is how.

When YouTube introduced livestreaming, you heard it first on Event Manager Blog.

We also discussed the implications of livestreaming events on YouTube.

I suggested to create a YouTube Channel for your event, after all it takes less than 30 minutes.

I now have some news that will help you to .

1. Become a YouTube Partner?

In order to be able to use Youtube Live, you needed to be a Youtube Partner.

The news is that every channel can become a Partner since last April.

This was the major barrier to entry in order to be included in Youtube Live.

Therefore you can now become a Partner immediately.

Live Events won’t be immediately available to your channel.

Nonetheless YouTube says that the feature is gradually being rolled out to Partners:

We’re in the process of rolling out live streaming to YouTube partners. If you are enabled, you will see a promotional message on your channel page and a “Live Events” tab in your Video Manager.

Once you’ve become a Partner, focus on uploading more videos and growing your subscribers. Rumor has it that this contributes in getting premium services such as Youtube Live activated.

2. Apply for Nonprofit Program

If you run events for a nonprofit organization, you can take a shortcut to obtain YouTube Live activation .

The YouTube Nonprofit Program enables a great set of tools for your channel, including livestreaming.

You need to be based in the US, UK, Australia or Canada in order to apply.

All the requirements can be found on the Nonprofit Program page.

Use Google Hangouts on Air

You can live stream on your YouTube Channel without being a Partner or a Nonprofit. Via Hangouts on Air.

In order to be eligible for streaming, you’ll need a Google+ account, a Youtube Channel and your account needs to be in good standing (read more on the FAQ page).

If you qualify, setting up a live stream for your event can be done easily from within the Channel or from Google Hangouts. More info on the relevant page.

Some Considerations

Hangouts on Air is not YouTube Live.

It is a much simpler service and lacks advanced features such as encoding selection, stats, live comments on the channel.

Some YouTube Live partners enjoy also multi-camera streaming, in video ads and selective country broadcast.

Youtube Live is a service for larger conferences and events, Hangouts on Air is made for smaller gatherings with lower budgets.

The benefit in both is that it happens and remains on the channel, helping a lot for your SEO.

In Conclusion

If you run large conferences and want to maximise your livestreaming opportunities, I encourage you to become a Partner immediately. With time you’ll be able to get YouTube Live activated before other users.

If you run events for nonprofit organizations, apply to be to included in their Nonprofit Program. You will get Youtube Live fast.

If you manage smaller events, Google Hangouts on Air could be a great interim solution, before Live gets rolled out globally.

Nice huh?