The Best Posts in September

How was your September?

I can tell you it was quite busy for us. We are happy to welcome the 2,000 new readers who decided to get the latest news about event planning, technology and marketing from Event Manager Blog.

Here is a small recap of what you missed last month.

Top Posts, September 2011

1. 25+ Resources and Tips to Get into Event Planning
The ultimate guide to get into event planning. A fantastic guide to start.

2. Burberry Starts Event Online with Twitter
An account of how Burberry used social media to promote their latest fashion show.

3. 5 Ways to Sell Event Tickets at the Last Minute
Ticket selling not going as expected? Try one of these quick fixes.

4. The New VIPs
Are you sure you know who your real VIPs are?

5. How to Check-in on Foursquare with NFC
Checking in with Foursquare has never been easier.

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