Burberry Starts Event Online with Twitter

Burberry launches their next fashion show to selected users. Twitter users that is.

We have covered in the past how events are increasingly starting online.

While not all events can be originated from an online community, it is a good tactic to tap into an existing social network and make it the prime actor of your event.

This what Burberry did with Twitter and their next Fashion Show.

News First

Mashable reports on how Burberry worked together with Twitter to create a Tweetwalk. the idea is simple yet effective:

The London-based fashion house has partnered with Twitter to develop what the two companies are calling a “Tweetwalk.” Backstage Twitpics of every look will be taken and shared with the brand’s followers on Twitter before the models hit the runway beginning at 4 p.m. BT (11 a.m. ET). In other words, Burberry’s Twitter followers will see the collection moments before anyone else.

Burberry will collect all the pictures in a dedicated Twitter Photo Gallery and the featured items will be available for purchase for one week after the show.

Livestreaming and more

On top of that Burberry is livestreaming the event in HD on Facebook and handling the control of their Instagram account to a famous photographer. The soundtrack will be then available on iTunes for downloads, again Mashable reports.

Your Takeaways

This looks like a fantastic strategy that puts together several touchpoints having the catwalk event at its core. I strongly suggest to take inspiration from how Burberry is doing things:

– They have events as the core attractor. In fact they will feature 45 events in their stores worldwide for the following week.
– They treat Twitter users, usually early adopters and opinion leaders, as New VIPs
– They use a multitude of social touchpoints and really master each medium lingo (Facebook for streaming, Instagram for quirkiness and art, iTunes for Music)
– They master commerce. The campaign will be easy to measure in terms of sales and attention around the new collection.

Very Well done.