How to Check-in on Foursquare with NFC

Tagstand helps making simple. Checking into a venue or event on Foursquare has never been easier.
This post is by Julius Solaris for Event Manager Blog (Copyright Info).

I’ve covered how NFC is going to make any form of previous technology, such as QR codes, irrelevant. In June European Everything Everywhere, O2 and Vodafone joined up to push NFC Advertising.

As the article reports:

The contactless payments market is predicted to reach more than pound 200bn by 2014, according to IE Despite only one live service at present – Orange and Barclaycard’s Quick Tap – many brands are discussing how they can take advantage of the new technology.

Internet Advertising Bureau director of mobile and operations Jon Mew says: “NFC is something we get asked about a lot. It has been a real hot topic in the past six months, with lots of interest leading up to the Olympics.”

Moreover, it was announced yesterday that 3 leading marketing firms formed a global alliance to push NFC as a viable marketing tool.

I Smell Opportunity

What we are discussing here is the action of putting a phone next to a sticker instead of pointing it precisely to capture an odd looking code. The advantage is immediate.

It looks like NFC will quickly become the Flux Capacitor allowing to integrate seamlessly online and offline.

Google is already making devices compatible with NFC, we are all waiting for iPhone 5 to carry the same technology. Then the party will start.

OK, but what about Foursquare?

Jennifer Van Grove reported on Mashable about Tagstand, a new startup on the block with a mission to make NFC integration easy.

After I posted on NFC, lots of readers asked about practical examples on how to use it. There you go:

What are the benefits for you, dear event lover?

When planning an event, solutions such as Tagstand will help you to set up quickly fancy stuff such as checking-in on Foursquare or Like an Event on Facebook. This comes at a considerably low cost as the biggest bulk of the technology is in the smartphone. Therefore implementing tricks such as what Renault did at AutoRAI will be feasible without costly RFID technology, wristbands and so forth.

In Conclusion

Keep an eye on NFC as I am told by smart people at smart companies, the technology will take off soon.

In the meanwhile, have a look at the kits Tagstand has produced. Very neat!