The Best Posts in October 2012 on @EventMB

Holy moly what a month!

The big news is that we had a facelift. If you haven’t checked the blog lately I sincerely invite you to have a look.

I am sure you’ll enjoy it.

Getting down to business, here’s what you missed last month…

The Best Posts in October 2012

1. 25 Events You Must Attend Before You Die
This is by far the most popular post of 2012. Have a look at it to understand why.


2. The New Decision Making Process Towards Attending Events
An in depth analysis of what makes attendees click and decide to attend.


3. The Rise of Event Planner 3.0
A fantastic guest post by Howard Givner on the new generation of event planners.


4. Why Your Event Website Sucks and How To Fix It
If you doubt that your event website is performing as it should, check out this post to fix it.


5. What is The Best Way to Price Your Event?
A Quora answer where I  share some advice on pricing mixers and networking events.

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