Project Management looks easier with WhoDoes 2.0

I am very pleased to welcome on EMBlog WhoDoes 2.0, an Italian project which brings simplicity to the chaotic world of PM softwares. The 2.0 part of it means that the project has been recently relaunched with a great flavor of new details.

What is it all about?

WhoDoes 2.0 Introduces new instruments that makes managing of the projects activities and the sharing of information within the team even easier , a new graphical user interface more intuitive making it more usable and a new approach more collaborative to facilitate team work.

The new version of WhoDoes enables you to plan projects in just a few minutes thanks to the introduction of Fast Planning, a new interface ideally making planning of activities easier .

The new WhoDoes 2.0 graphical interface allows you to simply manage the activities that need to be done, quickly assign tasks to team members, define due-dates, set priorities and always keeping the project’s progress under control.

Main characteristics:

– Web-based: web-based application developed in Ruby on Rails compatible with all common web browsers.

– Localization: WhoDoes 2. Is available in English, Italian and Spanish

– Simple design and easy to use: Using a simple and intuitive interface such as Fast Planning helps to noticeably reduce the time necessary for project planning.

– Time Management: thanks to an opposite calendar the team members can keep track of the hours spent on single activities, sharing this information directly with the project manager .

– Unlimited users: it does not matter how big the project team will be, WhoDoes foresees the management of an unlimited number of users active at the same time.

– More projects, only one account: only one WhoDoes account, which allows you to manage up to a 100 projects.

– Shared documents: inside the Repository it is possible to archive and share up to 10Gb of documents and thanks to the new functionality project E-mail, also the e-mails relative to the project.

– Subscription to iCal: WhoDoes 2.0 can interface with an agenda that is compatible with the protocol iCal, allowing the integration of the activities from the project with your personal agenda.

I invite you to try the free version by signing up here