The Best Posts in February

What a February! I am happy to welcome the new 4,000 readers who decided to stop by last month That’s like a small village.

We had quite an action packed month with birthdays, major announcements and infographics.

Here is what you missed…

The Best Posts in February 2012

1. 20 Facts to Make You Look at Events Differently
A collection of interesting, inspiring and provoking facts to inspire your next event.

2. You Know You Are an Event Planner When… [Infographic]
To celebrate the 4th birthday of our 61K members LinkedIn group we published an Infographic summing up the most popular discussion.

3. Crowd Fund Your Event with EventStir
EventStir is a news startup on the block bringing crowd funding to events.

4. Event Manager Theme: The WordPress Event Theme You’ve Been Asking For
The announcement of Event Manager Theme, the new standard for event websites.

5. Top Hotel Execs Reveal Their RFP Negotiation Tactics.
A sponsored post by our friends at Cvent announcing their Videocast about RFP.

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