Event Manager Theme: The WordPress Event Theme You’ve Been Asking For

It is with great pleasure I announce the release of Event Manager Theme, a WordPress Event Theme for Event websites.

What is it?

Event Manager Theme is a WordPress Premium Event Theme designed specifically for Event Websites. See it in action here.

wordpress theme for events

Some Specs

Event Manager Theme is a child theme of the Genesis Framework.

I spoke in the past about my admiration for Genesis and how they’ve been able to put together an amazing website platform. The blog you are reading is on Genesis, it is my number one choice.

Event Manager Theme is responsive. That means it adapts to the device it is been viewed on.

Why is it so special?

A few months ago, I started a conversation on our LinkedIn group about what makes a good event website.

I got more than 150 replies with very detailed feedback about what the most sought after characteristics of an event website are.

That feedback is now the backbone of this WordPress Theme for events.

There are custom built dashboard sections to add Speakers or Sessions. I know how painful it can be to modify templates that are not built for event purposes. EMTheme makes your life easier.

It also integrates seamlessly with Eventbrite in order to get registration handled in the most effective way.

Who is it for?

EMTheme is built for small to medium event professionals who want more than a static page for their event or are maybe tired to use external platforms and want to own their event content.

Larger event professionals may be interested in the customized version, with a whole set of extra features.

Who built it?

It was my idea but I would have never been able to design and develop it.

The template has been designed by the great Don Ciuchete, who also designed this blog, & Claudiu Cioba and developed by Bill Erickson, a top Genesis developer.

Trust me, it does not get any better than these two guys.

How much is it?

You can buy Event Manager Theme for $79 only. Alternatively you can purchase the theme + support for 1 year at 109$. We are also offering advanced customization and set up, but you’ll need to get in touch for that.

This pricing puts EMTheme in the higher end of WordPress Premium themes. Nonetheless the cost is substantially lower than the average event website out there.

EMTheme is a responsive template and that means you won’t need any event app as it is beautifully accessible from your smartphone or tablet.

In Conclusion

I hope you’ll like it and will let your colleagues and friends know about it as we really put a lot of work into what we think it’s a giant step forward for event websites.

You can check it out here.