5 Free iphone Applications for Event Managers

Photo by: originalgoast

Iphone is a great tool for event managers.

It can actually perform productive work on the internet unlike most of other mobiles out there. I was using a Blackberry before but made the switch and I am being rewarded every day for that.

Iphone apps contribute to make it a better tool. There are free applications which will make you more productive, social and efficient, which are qualities we all share but in constant need of improvement.

But let’s see.

1. Evernote

The service in itself is great. Whenever you stumble upon something you need to remember you just save it to this small app. Being it a text, voice, saved or live pic. You’ll then be able to see it on your phone as well as on your online account, therefore on your main laptop.

2. Checklist

If we are talking about to do’s in the next hours or so, you want to check out this application. Very easy to use and simple, and we love simplicity.

3. Zoho

This is not an app, but the iphone version of the popular suite. Youcan actually create, view and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations from your phone. If you are using a spreadsheet say for budget, you definitely want to sync it with Zoho and later consult it or edit it from your phone. Google Docs is a good solution for that as well, but without the editing capabilities.

4. Writing Pad

Great to note down vital information when you do not have the time to tap every single letter of it.

5. Linkedin

Because you want to have your contacts handy all the time and want to network with similar minded people.