How to Check In Guests at Events with Your iPad

Wonder how to check in guests at your event without carrying bulky print-outs? Look no further.
This post has been written by Julius Solaris for Event Manager Blog (?).

Reader asks:

“…Just wondering if you could suggest the best software for door/guest list registration for IPADS and MacBook Pro’s.”


Julius replies:

I was a bit skeptical before writing a post about this topic. I already posted about iPad Apps for event planners and Lara wrote a great list over at ready2spark.

Nonetheless I can see where Joanne is coming from. The single biggest use of the iPad for an event professional is to actually check in guests. No more print-outs of awful Excel spreadsheets.

I had a little look around, here is what I found:

1. myBanquet

A must for wedding planners. Easily assign guests to tables and design your table plan. Import from spreadsheet is amazing.

2. Guest List

I liked its simple approach as well as last minute editing. You can import from Address Book but not sure you can do that from Excel.

3. MyGuestlist

This the iPad app of MyGuestlist service. This is the Lamborghini of guests registration. It’s cool to the extent it looks after social media data of your guests. As well as a Lamborghini, it does not come for free. Well, the app does but the service starts at 25$ a month and the only review on the app store says that some features are not available outside of Australia.

Honorable Mention: Guest List Manager

This app was developed by Hilton to let event managers coordinate guest lists and room bookings. This is a mazing and just by itself worth booking Hilton as a venue.

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