Google at tradeshows, this is what I am talking about!

Skift Take

ad:tech London was not a great experience. One of the few things that worked for me was discovering Google exhibition space and merchandise. Completely spot on. Loved it.

Why did I love it? Let’s see.

Great area to experience the product. Consultants willing to help, private rooms for discussion.

While entering the Google University (a great name for a powerful concept), my Google bag was waiting there for me.

Presentation was great. The two presenters were professional, never boring and truly engaging. Google divided the sessions according to attendees’ confidence with the product and it resulted to be a great way to skim the audience, raising the relevance.

But let’s get to the bag of wonders.

You will definitely notice the relevance of the content of the bag. Apart from the brochures (I’d prefer a USB stick next time), I loved the notepad, the sticky notes and the pen. Without mentioning the Oyster Card holder. But also water and candies. Playful enough.

I have nothing against women dressed as porno-nurses, men in centurion costumes, masseuses and make up artists, CSI women detectives, Geishas, roulettes and black jack, which populated other stands. Nonetheless, a small voice inside of me is telling me that all of the above is like approaching me like an idiot, a person who needs the treat before the trick. So what’s the trick is my question?

What I loved about Google is that they approached me as an intelligent person, they shared knowledge, of course about their product, but still I gained something and it is not for my eyes or my shoulders but rather for my intelligence. This is a great way to engage, hats off!