The Good Event Registration Guide: A Free eBook about Event Registration Software

The Good Event Registration Guide is a free ebook comparing hundreds of registration and ticketing providers in an easy-to-read format. Get your copy now, no email required.

Event registration guide

I’ve been teasing you for a while with the not-so-secret project we were working on. Here it is. It’s called the Good Event Registration Guide. I am sure you’ll love it.

This free ebook is a report looking at the current market offering of registration and ticketing solutions.

It is also a write up with advice on how to make the best decision for your event.

Here is some background…

A Massive Research

There are 3 lines of research we conducted:

– 200 event professionals ranked the most popular features of registration and ticketing providers;

– 300 providers were reviewed, 123 shortlisted and jotted in a features table to help the reader understand who offers what;

– 78 providers where assessed for their basic pricing structure identifying the expense in commissions and processing fee for a $100 ticket.

A Powerful Write-up

The feedback from the Event App Bible made us realise the importance of writing up some advice for such a delicate decision.

Registration and ticketing impact on some of the most sensible areas of your event such as budgeting and marketing. You want to get it right.

The Good Event Registration Guide includes best practices, common pitfalls, crucial elements to consider such as free vs paid events, elasticity of demand and audience tech friendliness.

The free ebook also provides a snapshot of the trends shaping the registration and ticketing of the future together with a word of advice from senior event professionals and event technology gurus.

Easy to Read Tables

We jotted down 123 providers in a easy-to-read table so that you can immediately understand who offers what.

The biggest introduction is definitely the that offers an overview of the pricing structure of 75+ providers.

You will be able to immediately understand how much you would pay in commissions and processing fees on a $100 ticket.

Incredible Community Effort

This project has been able to put together an incredible amount of event professionals, associations, vendors and events. A testimony of how incredible this industry is.

200 event professionals shared their views in our LinkedIn Group.

EIBTM gave us our incredible support to make it happen together with ISES and the Meeting Support Institute.

The sponsors were once again ready to bet on us and made us feel confident to deliver a great piece of research for the industry. Allow me to thank Cvent, Doubledutch, Active Network, Eventsforce, SignUp4, EventMobi, Eventbrite and SpotMe.

The team has been incredible, working nights and weekends. Carmen, Bea, Cathy, Anne, Rennette, Pornwadee and Valerio – you rock!

Get it now

Enough with the talk, now it’s time for you to crack on and give it a good read.

The Good Event Registration Guide is ready to be downloaded here.