The Best Way to Integrate Facebook to Your Event: RFID

The contract between you, my dear reader and moi, your beloved editor, implies that when you hear about news such as the one below, you let me know.

I feel ashamed I haven’t posted about this yet. It is one of the coolest initiatives I have seen around for a while.

Long story short, Coca Cola used RFID in their Coca Cola Village to let customers ‘Like’ stuff in real life.

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The Best Way to Integrate Facebook to Your Event: RFID

A possible application: I have dedicated an area of my event to hang out and relax. I installed an RFID enabled device allowing my attendees to broadcast a message to their millions of Facebook friends that they ‘Like’ it. My attendees’ friends Like it as well, my event is going viral.

Kaboom. This is the killer app. I am sure you can achieve something like that with QR Codes which is quite nice, but this is the real deal.

I got to know about it as I was attending a conference where a Facebook executive showed this video, answering the question ‘What’s ahead for Facebook?’.

Enjoy and start thinking about it, more likes = free promotion. Nice!

Photo by Retinafunk