Event Management

EventMB is now part of Skift!


Today is a great day. I am very happy to announce that EventMB has been acquired by Skift.

I started EventMB in 2007 from a desk in my apartment in Southern Italy. I was very excited from day one, but I would be lying if I said that I always knew it was going to turn out so splendidly.

Yes, passion and energy are great – I had both in spades – but I’ve seen many passionate and energetic projects fail.

I guess I was lucky.


I was lucky to have an incredible family to support me.

I was lucky to have a fearless team that consistently gave no less than 100%.

I was lucky to work with brands that believed in independent content.

I was lucky to write for an industry brimming with amazing people. (That’s you, dear reader.)


I like to think we made history. We have researched burning issues in areas like event technology, experience design and career advancement like no other organization in the industry.


300,000 event professionals downloaded our reports over the years.

300,000 event professionals read us every month.


I’m proud to think that we achieved all that with a virtual team of seven and no funding.

So allow me to thank Carmen Boscolo, Beatrice Tagliaferri, Simone Bolognini, Lauren Toro, Dylan Monorchio and Wei Deng for an incredible contribution. EventMB is mostly them.


So what’s next?

We join Skift, the most influential platform in travel. The fact that Skift acquired EventMB makes me f*$5ing excited. They are a brand I respect – a brand I love.

Rafat Ali, Skift’s founder and CEO, has built a movement we want to be part of. We share his vision, and we think that, together, we will disrupt the event industry for years to come.

This is what Rafat had to say about EventMB joining Skift:

“We are very excited to have EventMB as part of the Skift family. I have watched Julius and Carmen build this for a few years now into an indispensable resource for professional meeting planners, with a great brand, community and a sense of irreverence around them. All in all, we will be working together to continue building the best content and services for the professional community.”

The same EventMB team you know and love will continue running as a separate business; we will grow our suite of products together with Skift. Exciting times ahead!


What’s in it for you?

To begin with, 35% off tickets to Skift Global Forum, the most anticipated event in travel, which is happening next week in New York. Use code EMB35 at the checkout here.

You can expect more amazing content, research and events coming your way. Skift will help us to be better at what we do and, in turn, help you run better events.

In conclusion, thank you, thank you, thank you for your trust over the past twelve years.

We are excited for what’s ahead, and we’re very happy to continue sharing our journey with you.


Julius Solaris – Editor in Chief, EventMB.com