Use Eventbrite like a Pro: Social Media Integration

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Eventbrite is a popular tool of choice for event lovers. When I say event lovers, I mean professionals and amateurs alike.

Eventbrite has pioneered event ticketing and made it readily available for the rest of us. I still remember the first time I ran the marketing for a huge conference and arranging ticketing was a complete nightmare. Well, Eventbrite solved that, big time.

In the past few years Eventbrite has evolved to a stage where it has become a marketing machine as well as a bulletproof ticketing solution.

Through this series of posts we’ll be looking at ways in which Eventbrite can help you sell more tickets, master social media marketing, understand your registration metrics and much more.

To start with we’ll be looking at the tools Eventbrite uses to integrate with major social networks, so maximising sales opportunities.

Share, Share, Share

One of the features I like the most about Eventbrite is the capability to share registration activity.

These sharing features appear twice during the registration process: on the registration page and after you’ve registered.

You want this sharing capability on the registration page in order to make sure those on the event page can share it with their peers.You also want those that actually register to let their friends know about it.

Eventbrite recently published on its blog some interesting stats on how attendees tend to share more once they have committed to an event:

“Over the last six months, 40% of sharing through Facebook occurred on the event page (pre-purchase) vs. 60% of sharing which occurred on the order confirmation page (post-purchase). This tells us that the motivation to share is higher once the purchase is made and the attendee is committed.”

Reporting with a Twist

Most of the services out there offer social sharing capabilities. But that’s it. Eventbrite takes it further.

They actually tell you what sharing service helped you to sell the most.

I hear a lot of talks about ROI of social media marketing for events. If you are ignoring the Eventbrite feature, you are giving up on a big opportunity to understand how social media can work for you.

Allow me to explain why.

When selecting the social channels for our strategy, our first attempt is usually a guesstimate of what we think could work.

This is perfectly fine and can help you to experiment. Nonetheless if driving registration and ticket sales is one of the objectives of your social media strategy, the Eventbrite reporting feature should be your bible.

The dashboard helps you to understand which channels were the most effective and sold more tickets. The information Eventbrite makes available is your social media intelligence.

Engage them Before, During and After the Event

Party is over, everybody leaves, hype has gone. Kind of a sad scenario. If it is easy to understand how all of the above tools can help in the build up to the event, it is still uncertain how they make a difference during and after the event.

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