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I always stress how simplicity often means productivity. When considering more does not mean better. Reality is that ultra detailed Gantt charts or Work Breakdown Structures apply only to large and complex projects.

You, my dear event planner, need to get things done. You need a simple to do list application that motivates you to be more productive.

Right, but what about when you hate to dos? What about when your pen and paper are not working anymore? What about when you get bored with your old software ?

Epic Win comes to the rescue. It has gained momentum in the geek community for the amusing World of Warcraft flavour.

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Epic Win is an iPhone productivity app that adds a game component to your To Do list. Each task has points and completing them advances you in the game.

Have a look at the self explanatory video:

Epic Win did to pointless productivity software what Foursquare has done to Social Networking. It has delivered fun and purpose.

Business is not always a motivation to get things done. Actually it never is. So try having some fun and let me know if it worked for you.