Toward a definition of Open Source Event Managemenent

What is open-source anyway? Well, have a look here . Now that we’ve defined the movement let’s try to make it more relevant.

The OS methodology has been applied over the years in different contexts, software being the most successful. But those more up to date would definitely know about the openCola, beer, etc.

I’ve talked before on OS concepts applied to Marketing. In fact the Web embraces the concept with some good definition and websites .

As I am an MBA in Marketing OS-Marketing has been one of my primary concerns these days. But since Event Management is my passion I am striving to think about chances to apply the OS concepts to our beloved discipline.

So I did a bit of a brainstorming session and I thought:

– On the industry side, the objective should be to allow event managers, coordinators, and those involved in the industry in general, to come together to discuss issues, develop projects and achieve results, with no direct commercial interest.

– On the customer side, I thought that OS-Event Management supports those strategies aimed at empowering those who participate an event, enabling social networking, collective decision making of what an event should be.

I think of the Event Manager not as a sort of paternalistic figure who should push customers around a pre-designed path. Instead I have a picture of a person who facilitates networking and well being of participants, the real sources of success for events.

I’ll keep thinking about it and maybe your contribution could push the topic ahead. In the meanwhile enjoy a supercool software for conferences with papers submission. How cool is that!