Create a Tweet Wall on the Go with Projectorfy

One of the most recurring questions I get is about solutions to visualize Twitter at events. Projectorfy is your tweetwall solution when you are on the go.

Twitter is becoming an integral part of events. Yet setting up a Twitter wall with live tweets hasn’t got a go to solution yet.

There is a myriad of alternatives. I covered a few in the past.

I learned about Projectorify a few weeks ago and I was very pleased with their service. Let’s have a look…

What Is It?

Projectorify is an iPad app that allows presenters or organizers to do 3 things:

– Display audience announcements
– Create and display live polls

and indeed

– Set Up Tweet Walls

The latest being the one feature that captured my attention.

You can easily customize the default template and filter tweets by hashtags.

Here is an example:

Why Is It Great?

Projectorfy is an extremely simple tool to set up Tweet Walls. While for some this can be a drawback, I actually think it is quite a strength.

There are instances when you don’t need overly complicated solutions to just display tweets or polls.

With Projectorfy just need a projector adapter for iPad and you are set.


I have become a fan of moderated tweet walls. Jerry, a co-developer of the app, mentioned they have moderation on their roadmap.

I believe that with moderation this app will become a serious contender of the paid for solutions. Its ease of use make it so accessible that it is almost a no brainer.

When Should You Use It?

Those planning small to medium sized events will get the most out of Prjectorfy. It is also a great solution for free events with limited budget.

Large events or those charging high ticket prices should wait for moderation to be introduced.

Give it a go and tell me what do you think.