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30 Crazy Event Pictures Shared On Instagram

Instagram is a wealth of motivation, inspiration and a ton of selfies but every once in a while it shares some awesome pictures to give a little more insight into what actually goes on at events from the attendees, sponsors, staff or guests who are there. An homage to event planning we share some amazing pictures that definitely don’t disappoint. Whether you just want to browse some event awesomeness or you need a creativity boost these 30 crazy event pics show you that anything is possible when it comes to events and event planners creating extra special experiences.

  1. Air and Style Snowboarding Concert Combo

When music meets snowboarding in LA it can have fantastic results such as this. Air and Style shows off the evening backdrop which features the slope and hundreds of attendees enjoying the concert after a day of adrenaline.

  1. Wedding Skyline

Venues are an essential part of the event planning process but as Christine shows, it’s not very often you get this amazing backdrop for your event with the New York skyline!


  1. World Club Dome 2016

This is the amazing view of the performers from the rigging at the World Club Dome Big City Beats last year and aside from being a little scary, it’s also incredible and surreal!

  1. Champagne Wall

Nothing like serving up a glass of bubbly and Ultra Events NYC show off this amazing champagne wall which also looks like a fantastic and creative corporate sponsorship idea.  

  1. Crazy North Face Challenge

This event experience in the Kuwait desert shown by Charlene Scodellaro is enough to leave us turning down lunch or inspired to at least leave our desk and go for a walk. These people are insane!


  1. Beer Pong Tournament

There’s nothing like turning event games into their own tournament and Matthieu Duran shows us the Winamax Beer Pong Open in Paris, to show how crazy things can get when you scale things up.


  1. Acrobatic Servers

This is an insanely awesome idea by Party Swank NYC for servers at the Tribeca Rooftop in New York who are suspended acrobats that also serve champagne! What more could you need? Entertainment and refreshment all in one.

  1. Pool Party Antics

Have you ever thrown a pool party or event? Well it probably had nothing on this one shown off by Hannah Taylor-James at the Griffith University Village, how many more people are they going to try and fit in that pool?

  1. Valentine’s Fire

This event by Pegasus Productions has turned everything red, from the acrylic dancefloor to the backdrop screen through to the décor. Is it too much?

  1. Diwali Umbrellas

Diwali is the yearly Hindu festival of lights and prompts many events worldwide but this has to be our favorite snap from Wedding Duo who managed to create floating light umbrellas to complement the sophisticated candlesticks in this outdoor event.

  1. Extreme Indoor Table Shrubs

Indoor shrubbery is one thing when you are looking to bring an outdoor element to an indoor event but Lebanese Events take it one step further with this summer arrangement that is basically a whole garden separating the buffet tables!

  1. A Cavern Wedding

This insane wedding venue in Sorento Italy was captured by Konstantin Semenikhin for the couple that want a cavern wedding, or just really like Batman, this venue is crazy cool.

  1. Rooftop Artists

This genius solution to venues with limited space by Corporate and Leisure Events is to use the overhanging roof for artists and music that blends into the background without taking anything away from the floor space below.

  1. Toilet Paper Finish Line

Nothing says crazy sporting event like Klondike International Outhouse Race and the winners last year were this insane team including Amber Faucon dressed as The Spice Girls, crossing the line to the only suitable material, toilet paper.

  1. Dior Couture 2017

You always expect greatness from a massive fashion powerhouse like Dior but the runway collection for Maria Grazia Chiuri’s collection captured by Getty Fashion is insane. The mossy carpet, mirrored ceilings and spring themes make this look like a show set in real nature!

  1. Flowers With Everything

This flower installation collaboration is mesmerizing that you almost don’t notice the crazily dressed models in the middle. Showing off exactly what a collaboration with Flowers Time will get you, the cascading flowers combined with the flower carpet create an atmosphere we definitely want at our next event!

  1. White Night Melbourne

This incredibly vibrant public event in Australia involves lighting displays and illustrations throughout the city. Alex shows off his view of the White Night display which looks amazing using projection mapping onto the building.


  1. Never-ending Tables

The amount of seated guests Save The Date NYC have managed to get in this narrow venue is insane, the tables are double sided and go on for what seems like forever. We don’t know which event this was from but this, coupled with the chandelier/candelabra combo, make us wish we were there!

  1. Wedding Installation

This wedding installation by Masha Kamenskaya brings a whole new meaning to the wedding event experience and was clearly designed to be as much of a part of the guest’s day than the couples. With acrobats, weird and wonderful décor and a podium that the couple could get married on in the midst of it all, this is definitely a wedding that is unlikely be forgotten!

  1. Dawson City Lady Wrestlers Event

This brawling event in Dawson City Yukon looks fierce and insane and as “Ramona” seen here is winning against her rival with a huge amount of effort. The crowds are going wild, teaching us not to get on Ramona’s bad side!

  1. Red Bull Soapbox Baku 2016

The Red Bull Soapbox event is always a crazy, yet hilarious affair, as everyone tries to go more lavish and outdo each other (let’s also not forget the introduction “style” points portion) and this picture from A+A Events highlights the creativity, venue and production that goes into creating one of the craziest annual events.

  1. Wireless LED Lights

This wireless fairy lit dance floor has indoor trees and no wires for an ethereal feel and no hazards! Pegasus Productions also included matching centerpieces for this crazy cool venue set-up.  

  1. Optical Stage Illusions

This stage illusion captured by Getty Fashion at the 2017 London Fashion week is Alpine-inspired but the multi-levelled stage and runway make this look trippy!

  1. Circular Hall

This awesome photo from Green Dot Events showcases exactly what you can do with weird shaped venues and how best to keep the layout. The lighting rigging and chandelier alone give this one a gothic vibe!

  1. Electronic House

Music festivals are one thing but this image by Frank takes things one step further. This massive crowd is gathered and raving at the hands of this electronic and house DJ and let’s be honest, he is drinking it all in, definitely a view to savour!


  1. Flower Drop Ceiling

This event venue in New York prepared by Pegasus Productions looks stunning but the crazy part is how much they have used the flowers and décor to lower the ceiling of a high room to create a more intimate setting for this function. It looks impeccable!

  1. Desert Bar Mitzvah

Taking destination events to the next level, this desert Bar Mitzvah became an overnight affair complete with fire pit and games thanks to Danny Marx Event Productions.

  1. Being Prepared

This photo by Lisa Kahn Events shows what a proper eventprof does in the face of bad weather! Be prepared, think ahead and get some awesome photos and memories from the day like these guests with umbrellas at an outdoor LA wedding. The show must go on.

  1. Walking Giants

Giants shared a story as they walked through the streets of Liverpool, UK in an impressive feat of engineering and event production, with thanks to Alexis Macey.


  1. Dior Homme Winter Fashion Show

The finale or the Dior Homme Winter 2017-2018 fashion show wrapped up and left us with this crazy image. The geometrics in this picture combined with the rainbow ceiling looks amazing and when you see the models lined up in perfection it is a good feeling!

In Conclusion

Some of the insanity, creativity and brilliance seen in these images really showcase what event planning is about and highlights what event professionals can achieve. Getting a crazy event photo is credit to the organisation that goes into them, so whether you are procrastinating over lunch or looking for event inspiration, we hope you will at least take that away from these 30 crazy event pics shared on Instagram.