22 Christmas Event Ideas

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Throw the perfect festive party this season using some of these Christmas event ideas to bring holiday cheer to all your attendees.

christmas event ideas

Mix up the clichés, keep it classy and ensure the perfect Christmas event (or themed event if you’re reading this post-December.) It can be difficult to stand out during the holidays, particularly when there are many universal themes and ideas that can make parties and events blend into one another. However, with a bit of eventprof creativity, traditional ideas can be turned into wow factor and some of these inspirational elements can help you nail it.


1. Temporary Ice Rink

A way to entertain large crowds and also retain the magic of Christmas is with a temporary ice rink, particularly if it can be in the open air to give an authentic atmosphere. These can be adjusted to suit your event space and don’t always have to be made out of real ice (for those with a warmer Christmas) as synthetic rinks are increasing in popularity.

Credit: Everything Ice Inc.

2. Twinkle Tunnel

Pop up events and ideas like this are a way of getting people talking and raising awareness at this photo opportunity. The lights create a pretty ambiance and look stunning during the day as well as in the afternoon and are guaranteed to have many people posing.

Credit: Creating a Scene Inc., CF Polo Park Shopping Centre, MK Illumination Canada

3. Balloon Grotto

Santa’s grotto is a traditional element for a Christmas party but if you don’t fancy the queues or hiring the real thing then you can recreate the effects! This example is an impressive display of balloon art that has everything from the candy cane lights to elves, trees and magical backdrops.

Credit: Magic World Party

4. Natural Centerpieces

Take inspiration from the season in your centerpieces, like in this simple example that uses burlap material combined with natural winter forest elements such as the holly, berries and pinecones. A simple floating candle can also create impressive lighting effects.

Credit: Set The Mood Decor

5. Marketing Baubles

Make corporate décor stand out by using guerrilla marketing efforts for your baubles. This example uses memes but you could add giveaway prizes for attendees, QR codes, branded baubles or sponsored décor to give attendees something to look at!

Credit: TaylorHerringUK

6. Origami Tree Napkins

Napkin art can spruce up a plain table and origami ideas like these Christmas trees can give attendees something to talk about and be wowed by. There are plenty of festive designs to choose from and it definitely makes table settings more dynamic and personal for seated guests.

7. Santa Brownies

Consider adding novelty food elements to your catering to tie food into event themes. For example, these simple brownie bites are given the festive treatment by simply adding frosting and fruit but they definitely fit right in. There are so many possibilities from food art to adaptations like this but these little elements can make a big impact.

Credit: A LIST Guide

8. Brand Activation Igloo

If you want something different (with a little less mess) try creating winter effects using lighting such as this LED glass igloo which is branded for photo opportunities. It is classy and simple but has that winter or snowy atmosphere and it is bound to be a hit with attendees.

Credit: Tatiana

9. Block Christmas

Create modular decorations for a quirky corporate idea over the holidays or for a low-key, space-saving alternative like this Christmas tree or 2D snowman. You could leave the kits to be built by attendees as a participatory activity like a Christmas creation competition or build and use them as festive decorations for your event space.

Credit: EverBlock

10. Snowflake GOBOs

GOBO lights are so diverse and effective when it comes to transforming indoor or outdoor spaces and this is a great example of how simple snowflakes can turn an outdoor concrete jungle into a classy event space. Opt for different sizes or surfaces such as walls and ceilings for interesting “snowfall” effects.

Credit: Romana

11. Hot Cocoa Station

Festive food or drinks stations like this hot cocoa stand will help you offer winter warmers and themed food favorites to your attendees. This is a fantastic idea for during the day but you could also offer alternatives such as eggnog, mulled wine, hot buttered rum or cranberry punch to give extra Christmas cheer.

Credit: Pretty Little Decor

12. Snow Globe Photo Opportunity

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be inside a snow globe? This is the perfect opportunity to find out and create a photo opportunity for your event that will be a big hit among children and adults alike. This inflatable also offers branding and sponsorship opportunities and has snow that is blown for that falling effect in the photos.

Credit: Spirit Entertainment

13. Candy Cane Runway

Christmas red carpet in style by adding fun themes like this candy cane edging that also has ropes too! Straight out of the north pole, this runway would be an excellent entrance idea or even an adaptable queuing area that is a bit more festive for waiting guests.

14. Winter Bar

If you want less overt theming then incorporate the winter magic into your décor by drawing on traditional elements like these birch trees that are inbuilt to the bar and lit with warm candle lighting. It gives a classy Christmas feel without being too obvious and this shadow bar is also an excellent long-term idea because the inset area can be changed according to events or seasons for different effects each time.

Credit: Celadon Events

15. Ice Throne

More photo opportunities like this ice throne can be fun to get people involved but this simple idea using cut-outs is made more interesting by the lights and glitter backdrop. So although it’s fairly simple it is quite effective and perfect for any ice king or queen at the event.

Credit: Lucky Decor

16. Tree Centrepieces

One tree not enough? If you are looking for tall centerpiece ideas then this could be an intricate Christmas twist for each table. The trees and leaves are all white and are decorated with ornaments and lights for a feel of bringing the outdoors inside. The tablecloths are also traditional Christmas greens and reds alternating to bring the room together.

Credit: Party Time Philippines

17. Framed Polaroid

Adding nostalgia to events is effective, particularly at such a reflective time such as Christmas or the new year when everyone is looking back on what they have achieved during the year. These polaroids are a great way for everyone to have a memento from the day and as you can see they can be branded with the event or company logo, as well as the details to remember. Simply place wireless cameras on each table and they connect to the print station where everyone can visit to see their snaps, which is a great networking idea too!

Credit: Undisposable

18. Snowman Desserts

Another intricate Christmas food idea that sees these delicious meringue and patisserie snowmen in their Christmas hats in glass “globes” around a venue. These would work well at a themed food station or on individual tables as they would double up as edible centerpieces too.

Credit: Onder Balc

19. Gingerbread Head-In-Hole

A “head in hole” always injects a little fun into the event and these cute gingerbread men are bound to be a hit with attendees. Creating photo opportunities and adding to the décor of the space they could be scattered around the venue or added to a full photo booth. These are festive – who doesn’t want to see what they would look like a gingerbread man (or woman.)

20. Classy Trees

A tree is a staple for a Christmas event but if you don’t want something large, want to keep it simple and to avoid the tacky, this is an excellent alternative. These trees are a combination of chicken wire cones and floral spiral which give a floating cascading effect from afar. They would be particularly enhanced when lit up with string lights or using up lighting.

Credit: UI Florist Workshop Fan Site

21. Outdoor Lighting

Don’t forget to adorn the outside of your venue as well but if you want to keep it classy then this elegant lighting perfectly highlights the magic, particularly for bigger or historic venues. The yellow hues change the atmosphere and work together with the lit Christmas trees so although it looks heavily decorated, it’s actually just clever but simple lighting.

Credit: Bittenjh

22. Specialist Props

What would Christmas be without fun photo booth props to mark the occasion, from these ideas of holding up mistletoe, antlers and of course, Rudolf’s nose you could also throw in some Santa’s hats and presents for attendees to hold up. Festive fun in a photo booth will always be a hit!

Credit: Cake Top Studio

In Conclusion

Whatever you decide to do for your Christmas event or party, just remember that sometimes less is more to create a classy and elegant affair. Using some of the traditional elements from the holiday season can add nostalgia and make it a party to remember.