The Best Posts of Summer 2013 on @EventMB

Here is a roundup of the most successful posts of this summer.

July and August are typically two months when event aficionados take a break. It is probably the best time to recharge batteries for a super busy year ahead.

While you were enjoying the break, the blog was full packed of action and awesome content.

With no further ado, let me present you with…

The Best Posts of Summer 2013

1. 20 Tactics to Drive More Attendees to Exhibition Booths

Exhibitions are a strong driver of the event industry. Working hand by hand with your exhibitors usually mean repeated business. Share this article with them.

2. 10 Tech Entrepreneurs Disrupting The Event Industry

Hundreds of people agree this is one hell of a list. Quite amazingly so Eventbrite acquired Lanyrd yesterday, making this list even more relevant. I’ll go and thank my crystal ball.

3. Dear Speaker, I Loathe You. Sincerely, Your Event Planner

The presentation was a smash hit on Slideshare. This is a write up looking at the speaker/event planner relationship.

4. 6 Free Event Templates to Kickstart Your Week

Free event planning and marketing templates. What more can I say 🙂

5. How To Stream Events on Youtube Live

Streaming events on Youtube? Yeah baby!

6. 10+ New Services to Inflame Your Event

What’s new in event technology? This post is a sum up of the most innovative services that launched recently.

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