6 Free Event Planning Templates to Kickstart Your Week

I hate Mondays. Do you? What’s good about Mondays anyway? Here is what’s good about them: nothing!

That’s why I thought: You know what? I am going to make my dear readers happy with some free event management templates that will make your life easier.

We hate to start all over again each time a new event pops up. Templates are a great way to automate tasks and be inspired by others’ experience.

I curated for you a small list of 6 bijoux templates that will surely add value to your event, whether you are planning a conference or a wedding, a festival or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Before you dig in though, we collected 61 templates in one download. Get them below:

Free Event Planning Templates

Risk Assessment Matrix

Recent sad events reinforced the need to understand the risk involved with different types of events. Mark Breen is an #eventprof I like. He suggests to embrace risk and offers an amazing template to makes sense of your event risk factor.

event planning template example

He guides you through assessing the risk in form of Severity and Likelihood. Whatever kind of event you run, you have to run it past this matrix soon.

Download the risk assessment matrix here

Event Checklist

Arwin Adriano is an event blogger I like. He’s called his blog Event Checklist and you know I am a fan of practical advice. I guess I made clear how I hate general and superficial advice.

Meeting planning checklist

Well he suggests 4 event and meeting checklists that you can use for your event now. I believe that if you just approached the world of events, these are great references to avoid forgetting macroscopic elements. I am sure seasoned planners too will find some benefit, no matter how seasoned they are.

Download the free event checklist here

Event Marketing Health Check

I am a big fan of William Thomson. He organised Event Tech Circus and Tech Fest, two top events in Europe for event technology enthusiasts.

Event marketing checklist

His approach to events is something I am very fond of. He’s got years of experience as a PCO and it shows in his work. I’ve worked with one of his templates while participating as a Media Partner in Event Tech Circus. they are plain amazing.

This Event Marketing Checklist is a must have for PCO and novice conference planners alike, a great tool to make sure that your event is being marketed in the right way.

Update: This template is no longer available

Facebook Event Image

This is one you want to pass to your designer or one in Photoshop. Getting your Facebook images right is so important to convert RSVPs.

New facebook event banner size example

This is a PSD template to help you with the correct dimensions needed to make your image Facebook friendly.

Download the event image template here (email required)

Wedding Day Timeline Template

I love this template. It is so to the point. Why? Because we know how the tension builds up the day of the event. You can imagine the scale of emotions when the planner is also the bride.

DIY Wedding Day Timeline Example

Wedding day usually sees people collapse for the emotions or cry for joy. This template will help you to rationalise a few steps so that the only emotions you will feel will be the ones related to the fact you are getting married, rather than for the cake not being delivered.

Download the wedding day template here

Budget for Fundraisers

If you plan fundraisers, you probably use Excel to keep track of donations. If this is the case, Microsoft has a free fundraising donation tracker template to download for free.

Fundraising template

I don’t need you to present either Excel or Microsoft, yet this template is quite intuitive and easy to use.

Download the fundraiser budget template here

In Conclusion

I presented you with a list of 6 easy to use and free event planning templates. We all agree you should at least give it a look and see how you are doing with your gig.

In some cases they will remind you of things you may have missed, no matter how detail-freak you are.

In any case I am sure I’ve made your Monday a tiny bit better.