Facebook for Events: 5 Marketing Tools You Haven’t Heard of

Facebook loves events, Event Lovers adore Facebook. It’s a mix made in heaven.

Pages are quickly becoming substitutes for websites. Facebook Page apps and tools are growing exponentially.

Let’s have a look at 5 marketing tools you may not have considered to boost your event social opportunities.

Marketing Tools

1. Ticketmaster

The controversial ticket provider for some of the largest events such as the London Olympics has partnered with Facebook for social ticket buying.

As Fast Company reports, this is major for unsold tickets and a great step in social commerce. Let’s hope it works.

2. GuestlistGen

Neat idea to generate a PDF of your event guest list. You just enter your Facebook Event ID and voilà you now have your printable guest list. Easy peasy.

3. Tuneo

Very similar to Kuandoo. It can be summed up to polls+events. This seems to be quite a popular request on social networks. When lots of friends gather, this is when you need organizational tools. Tuneo seems to be a solution to save you from message overload.

4. WordPress Custom Tab

WordPress is our friend. We have covered applications that help you customize a tab of your Facebook page. Custom tabs are a fundamental part of your Facebook marketing strategy. I read just yesterday a fantastic post on integrating WordPress on your tab, thanks to responsive web design. WordPress extends the capabilities of what you can do with your tab while being compatible with most browsers and devices. Supercool!

5. Pagemodo

For those of you who do not want to be bothered with WordPress, Pagemodo comes to the rescue. It is insanely easy to use and it helps you setting up a custom tab in minutes. Although I would not recommend it for large events, it is the best fit for smaller gatherings. With the paid option you can also set up a nice looking ‘Like-gate‘, that is increasingly become an amazing social media marketing tactic.