30 #Eventtech Startups To Watch This Spring

Eventtech never sleeps. More and more startups are bringing incredible innovation to the event industry. AI is definitely the one to watch this spring and will definitely dominate autumn, hopefully with a good injection of VR.

How do we collect these startups?

They submit their pitch here and we select only those that haven’t been covered by other media outlets and/or offer an innovative or solid business proposition.

Compared to previous editions of these roundups, we have decided to include also new event apps and registration providers. As these two markets mature, we feel it is important to give a fair shot to those entering a very competitive environment. We have also added to the roundup the startups we have reviewed recently so you can catch up with a more in-depth analysis.

Before we give you the list, as it is usually the case with our eventtech posts, I kindly ask you to share it with your colleagues and friends. Sharing means supporting innovation in the event industry.

Check out these amazing startups

1. Eventerprise


With Eventerprise you can search, compare and book all the services and suppliers you need to run an event – all in one place.

2. Zenus Biometrics

zenus biometrics

With facial recognition technology from Zenus Biometrics, you can kiss goodbye to long check-in queues.



NVOLV is a mobile event app and content management system that garners attendee engagement through gamification and augmented reality.

4. Brüha


Brüha is the new kid on the event listings block. Create listings for free and give pre-event ticket sales a boost with various promotion options.

5. Collaboration.AI

collaboration ai

Collaboration.AI is probably the smartest matchmaking tool out there. Use the power of AI to link the right people to make the best teams.

6. Gather Technologies


Gather is an event management tool for venues featuring everything a venue needs to streamline its hosting processes.

7. Vendorspace


Vendorspace is like Tinder for eventprofs… if Tinder matched your needs to services and vendors, that is.



MYCO produces Wearable tech in the form of a bracelet that allows attendees to exchange contact details with a simple handshake.

9. evenTwo


Need a native event app? evenTwo has it covered and also boasts some impressive private social networking tools.

10. Oveit


Get event registration sorted with Oveit. This app boasts smart ticketing through eTickets as well as QR codes NFC chek-in functionality.

11. HeyPlace


Need a secure ad-hoc messaging solution for your attendees? HeyPlace is just that: location-based and AI-powered messaging to provide secure private social networking for events.

12. Accelevents


Accellevents gives eventprofs a mobile event app, mobile fundraising, and ticketing all under one roof with SMS support.

13. EventNinja


Get the lowdown on your attendees with detailed analytics from EventNinja. Just plug in your Eventbrite details and go.

14. Eventtia


Eventtia is more than just an event app. It’s complete event management solution with built-in networking and B2B matchmaking.

15. ThatCounter


Sometimes apps just need to be simple. Count all the things ThatCounter, the super-minimalist counter app.

16. Les Georges

who is georges

Who is Georges? Les Georges is a smart badge that will help your attendees connect digitally when they meet in person.

17. Partz


What’s currently hot in São Paulo? Partz is an event listing and promotion site for eventprofs in Brazil.

18. Ivy League

ivy league

Join the Ivy League with an event management solution designed with academic conferences and education in mind.

19. Pipely


Pipely is a one-stop shop for attendee engagement, featuring gGamification tools with real-time data capture, analytics and lead generation.

20. Snappic


It seems almost every event has a photo booth these days. With Snappic‘s cloud-based DIY photo booth solution, you can too.

21. Conversation Starter

conversation starter

Not only will Conversation Starter help your attendees meet the right people, it will also also tell them where and when to meet.


Need somewhere to display pics from your event? is a free quick and easy cloud-based album for collecting and viewing photos.

23. Eventloom


If you need a self-service event website with abstract submissions for speakers and built-in fundraising, look no further than Eventloom.

24. Hiver


Hiver is a smartphone app that automatically connects attendees who meet in person plus real-time analytics for event organizers.

25. Live on Demand

live on demand

Live on Demand is a crowdsourcing platform and speaker directory for generating live events based on what the public want.

26. Brella


Brella facilitates face-to-face networking at events with an intelligent matchmaking app that can be made to match your own branding.

27. EventEye

event eye

EventEye is an event mobile app designed from the ground up with your attendee experience in mind.

28. Channelkit


Organize all the things with Channelkit, in an online visual knowledge base that can be shared publicly or privately.

29. Ploxel


Ploxel is a white label ticketing solution with transparent pricing that allows you to sell tickets directly to your audience without getting in the way.

30. Emburse


Use Emburse to stay in control of your event budgets with detailed expense tracking. With this app, you can share budgets and payment cards with team members.

In Conclusion

Don’t just take our word for it. Go and check them out for yourself. Any one of the above could be that little detail that keeps attendees coming back.