19 Event Entrance Ideas To Make A Great First Impression

The entrance isn’t important, it’s about what happens at the event that matters right?


Your event entrance is the first opportunity to make an impact and sets the tone for what is ahead. It can create wow-factor from the very beginning and even enhance attendee opinion on what is inside. Entrances offer a chance at transformation and immersion that shows guests you mean business so it is important to start as you mean to go on. An entrance done well is the first step on an attendee journey, so make a good first impression.


  1. Light Projections

Illuminating dark spaces and long corridors is particularly useful for older venues with entrance ways to start your event on the right foot. This elongated entrance allows a runway of light that progresses into different colors as you walk down it. The other cool aspect of this entrance is the way the pillars are projected upwards to use all of the space.

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  1. 007 Peephole

Enter your event like the beginning of a movie with this walkthrough cut-out, complete with silhouette bond girls. Leading into a walkway with backlit bond figures, this is an excellent way to incorporate a movie theme by displaying your entrance like the opening credits.

Credit: CSI Media

  1. Crystal Curtains

Add a shimmer and sparkle by using dropped crystals that attendees can walk through like in this glamorous example. You can create fantastic illusions with these using mirrors to line the outside of the tunnel which gives the appearance there are more crystals than there are. Plus, if you combine clear crystals with fantastic lighting effects, you can make the entire entranceway change color and reflect.

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  1. Starlit Tunnel

We’ve heard of using starlight backboards to make staging impact but this is a cool way to transition a darkened event during the day. Using tunnels like this can imitate a starry night before walking into an enclosed entrance or tent venue.

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  1. Corporate Tenting

This office transformation creates an Arabian Nights effect in a clever way. Using fabric draping to give the corporate entrance a tent vibe and carefully hanging string lights to make the space more intimate. Add a few well-placed props – and voila.

Credit: Joyce Aguilar, 2171 Floral Creations

  1. Stretched Fabrics

Dealing with large, open spaces like warehouse venues can be tricky to make exciting entrances but this is an interesting option to try. Use rigging or panels to form a corridor, walls or aisle and then wrap using this stretched fabric. Add extra lighting effects like this to make it more interesting and it has a textured finish to make it dynamic too.

Credit: Jazon_decor

  1. Exclusive Photo Opps

Add a modern Hollywood glamour twist to your event by creating a “red carpet” set-up like this. The LED tube lighting is excellent for photography in a darkened room and creating an organized tunnel like this detracts from some of the uglier parts of the venue. The central rope is good for organizing crowds, or for taking entrance photos against if you’ve hired a photographer for the evening.

Credit: David Gleig

  1. Modern Registration

Sometimes it is less about the décor and more about the feeling and atmosphere you get at an entrance. This corporate registration desk is clever because it is simple, modern and sleek. It’s perfect for professionals and makes a statement of its own. Let’s get down to business and we are going to do it in style.

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  1. Orange Bollywood

Use color to make different sections of your event create new atmospheres, like this orange entrance hall for a Bollywood theme. These false walls are adaptable to make it longer or shorter depending on the impact you want to make and the shape of your venue, increasing anticipation as guests walk in.

Credit: Neon Briggs

  1. Combining Elements

This is an excellent example of how you can draw on a variety of different elements for an eclectic entrance. For example, the fairy lights and draping create an intimate feeling while the podium lighting uses different levels for an alluring effect. The best part about this entrance, however, is the geometric aerial elements for extra décor and bringing this entrance together. Doing things like this is a good way to make attendees linger if you are trying to draw out the experience or if they have to queue.

Credit: WhiteKraft Event & Styling, PAM Production, Dusit Thani Manila

  1. Winged Installation

For large hall or conference venues, it can be difficult to make an impact with such a wide space. Rather than opting to enclose it you could do something like this that draws the eye to the entrance and keeps focus. This stunning installation on a large scale gives a winged effect but more importantly, makes you forget about the massive venue because you just want to get inside!

Credit: Danielle Gibson Events

  1. Sponsored Entrances

If you are looking for unique sponsorship ideas, why not incorporate entrances as part of a high-end package. You know that all attendees will see their branding and signage and you could carefully integrate into the color scheme. This promotional entrance is an excellent example of how Chevrolet as a sponsor has gained a prime position while also blending to the event themes.

Credit: 15|40 Productions

  1. GOBO Runway

If you are lacking in time or have opted for a venue that is not easily customized, e.g. a museum or historical building, you could use light to create the effects you want. For example, this hallway has been darkened and the use of GOBOs lights the way for attendees to walk to get to the main event. Another cool element to this idea is the branding opportunity it creates as a welcome, similar to that of a welcome mat as guests arrive.

  1. Fanfare

Add an element of flair to the entrance by incorporating sounds and music to appeal to other senses and create more of an immersive experience as guests arrive. This trumpet and brass fanfare gave international guests an incredible welcome at Sydney Opera House.

Credit: Fanfare Australia

  1. Wonderland Adventure

This cut-out birthday party idea is a clever way to keep in with the theme of Alice in Wonderland. By definition, Alice goes through the looking glass (or down the rabbit hole) to another world and this entrance recreates that by making you step into the party and down the aisle of loveable characters.

Credit: Coquette_et_candide, Haitibiz, Shanik ND

  1. Illuminating Entry

This is a cool entrance and still manages to be functional too which is a great combination. The pulled back curtains manage to elegantly draw in the space and the blue carpet walkway adds something special for attendees to walk through on. Plus the up lit floral pieces are dramatic and help use lighting effects as soon as guests walk in to be check in at this seamlessly integrated welcome desk.

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  1. Personalized Gatsby

The Gatsby theme is always a fun one to play with and a hotel venue is an excellent choice for hosting a themed party like this one. This entrance uses Hollywood ropes because only VIP guests are allowed and the name station allows guests to grab their name upon entering making it easier to sit down. The personalised sign combined with wide open doors is an excellent representation of the era and very inviting for guests!

Credit: Prestige Event Design, Presidential Caterers, VCD Events

  1. Through The Keyhole

This design plays on the curiosity in all of us and creates serious FOMO for all those outside. How often have you peered through the keyhole in order to see what was happening on the other side? This is a clever way to replicate that and with the added LED creates stunning effects. Perfect for evening or daytime events this the perfect entrance for a new launch, allowing you to see what is on the other side.

  • Beach Ball Arches

This fun entrance arch is perfectly befitting the beach theme inside and an excellent idea if you are lacking space to do much else with the entrance. Inflatables are always a fun option for entrances, whether that’s an arch or characters and figures!

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In Conclusion

The key takeaway here is that your entrance should be the first welcome point of your event, don’t assume that it starts when attendees come inside. Instead, look at options to be immersive, draw them in and make an excellent first impression so that you can get off to an impressive start.