Social Media for Events. A Free Ebook for #eventprofs

We are ecstatic to announce Social Media for Events, our third free book. It will blow you away.

Free social media ebook events

It’s been in the back of my mind to write a guide about using social media at events for a while. I’ve been writing, researching and working with this subject since 2007. It is very dear to me.

I felt that a comprehensive guide was needed to make sense of a very fragmented and chaotic topic. It turned out not to be an easy job, but one to be extremely proud of.

Social Media and Events are the biggest passions of my life and I’ve dedicated 12 hours a day over the last 10 years to them. This blog and book are the result of such passion.


As always I decided to start with research. We carried out one of the largest independent researches about social media and events. We qualified 1335 event professionals.

The full results of the research are available for everyone to see in the book. Some interesting stats include:

– 51% of event professionals say the biggest challenge in using social media is how to use it effectively.
– 45% find the time to do social media properly.
– 32% use social media for all their event portfolio.

This was the basis of our write up. We started from what event professionals wanted, not from what we thought it was relevant. I guess this is also what will make the book relevant to you. It delves into real problems we experience everyday whenever we think about using social media at events.

What’s Inside

Social Media for Events is a comprehensive guide with tips, templates and tactics to implement a successful social media program for events. It includes content about:

– How to convince your boss and business of the value of social media
– How to craft a social media plan
– How to select the right social networks for your event
– Event industry case studies
– Tactics to implement Before, During and After your event
– How to use social media at tradeshows
– Using event mobile apps to stimulate engagement
– 10 Infographics on how to use each major social network at events

This is not a white paper to sell you something. It is not a trick to get your email. It is a full fledged, 130 pages long book you would buy on Amazon. We are making it available to you today, with no charge.

A Team Effort

This was an unbelievable team effort. Starting from all the advertisers that gave us the chance to prove ourselves with such a monumental project. Make sure to engage with these companies, they proved to believe in innovation, they supported it and helped us deliver value to the industry.

Our incredible partners who supported the book and made sure it reached the whole industry.

I’ll make it quick as I know you want to get reading, but I have to thank my team and those who helped with one of the most demanding tasks we’ve ever performed.

The EventMB crew: Carmen Boscolo, the other half of EventMB. Raquel Roura and Beatrice Tagliaferri, two professionals with immense talent.

Cathy Key and Traci Browne, two writers I look up to in the event industry.

Anne Thornley-Brown for helping us with research and community management. Becki Cross, for making everything stick together. Dahlia El Gazzar for helping us with content and engaging with event tech companies.

Miguel Neves, Ruud Janssen, Michelle Bergstein, Stefania Conti-Vecchi, Noortje Teurlings for submitting incredible case studies.

In Conclusion

All the team here is feeling like before a massive event is about to start. We put our soul and hard work into planning this project and we can’t wait for you to join the party.

I am sure you will love the book and share it with friends and colleagues. It would make us proud and happy.

No more time to waste, go and get it!