Loquiz: Gamification Tool for Event Professionals  [Review]

Loquiz: Gamification Tool for Event Professionals [Review]

Loquiz is a new gamification platform to run fun and engaging activities at corporate or team building events.

Outdoor team building scavenger hunt app tablet game view satt Loquiz

A couple of years ago we covered the rise of Urban Gaming as one of the trends defining the industry. Loquiz is the company we’ve been waiting for to deliver a reliable service in this trend. While many companies have attempted to take on this ever interesting market, few have been able to deliver a solid, reliable platform that is a pleasure to use.

The audience of these platforms is usually corporate attendees. There is a very short attention span and very high expectations in terms of efficiency of the platform.

Loquiz has been able to deliver a very interesting offering to this potentially disruptive market.

So let’s have a look at the tool and what it can do for your event.

Loquiz: What Is it?

Loquiz is a mobile game platform that enables you to create your own adventure games and scavenger hunts. Games are created online and played on smart devices.

Loquiz capitalises on smartphones becoming the remote control of your events. Attendees are confident in using mobiles to check event guides, network and now .

Loquiz features today

It features three main tools:

1. Game creation tool. The first part of the platform allows you to create very engaging games by suggesting predefined game types and questions. You can decide the skip logic, the level of difficulty and the strategic input needed to solve the game.

2. Map layout. While creating the game, you are able to drop pins on a map and make the game an outdoor activity. A scavenger hunt where attendees need to use their smartphone as a navigation device to find new clues.

3. Progress analysis . You can check in real time the progress of teams playing the game and quickly interact or announce winners.


What could be the deciding factor on embarking on an application like Loquiz? Reliability. I was very impressed with how robust the platform is.

Loquiz is very well thought and everything worked incredibly well, even in demo mode. The end user of such application will be a high caliber business professional attending a corporate event or team building excursus. There is little time to mess around or deal with a broken platform.

This has traditionally been one of the biggest problem with the companies producing gamification apps for events. Great ideas, poorly implemented. Choosing Loquiz seems like a smart move if you are looking for reliability.

Outdoor team building scavenger hunt app Game edit with sat view Loquiz

I was incredibly impressed by the attention to detail in the platform. Where in most cases you would expect a mere polling feature or simple multiple choice answers, Loquiz actively suggests game templates and features incredibly intuitive ‘strategy levels’ you can deliver to the game. You can make it extremely simple or challenging.

See the screenshot below that let’s you tweak the different strategy steps and what happens if a question is wrong or correct.

Outdoor team building scavenger hunt app Loquiz admin strategy

If you deal with attendees speaking different languages, you will benefit from the extensive tagging of questions that helps you to filter by language. Having a database of questions also helps to deliver them at future events.

One of the problems with Loquiz and in general with this kind of platforms is that when you run scavenger hunts or any outdoor activity, you will need to deal with local authorities and seek permissions if your party size is substantial.

You may also want to consider that there is only one device in a team that gets full capabilities. Other attendees’ devices are in read mode. At the time of writing you can only use tablets (android and iOS) to play, although iPhone is coming soon.


Here are the most significant features Loquiz will bring to your event:

Question creation:

– Flexible question creation, intuitive and easy to build. Add photo and videos to make questions interactive.

– Simple skip logic and strategy tweaking.

– Handy game concepts.


– Easy pin drop or address finder

– Works on Tablets (Android and iOS)


– Team collaboration

– Real time reports and progress monitoring

– Powerful filtering and tagging

– Question language breakdown

– Quick switch between outdoor and indoor in bad weather.

Who Is It For?

Outdoor team building scavenger hunt app loquiz

Loquiz is for event professionals, team builders and outdoor companies to create location-based games for their clients.

The platform is great for customizing game content for better attendee engagement, bringing creative game concepts to life. Loquiz is also widely used in education for running indoor quizzes but mainly to take pupils outdoors.

If you are looking to jazz up your corporate event without relying on the usual 1977 team building exercises, then Loquiz it’s surely for you. If you deal with a tech friendly audience, you will surely inject a good dose of novelty in the event.

Pros and Cons


– Question workflow is amazingly simple to set up.

– Platform is reliable and just works.

– Team collaboration is included in the basic pricing.


– Runs on iPads and Android tablets and smartphones only, though an iPhone version is under approval in the App store and should be ready in a few weeks.

– You may need to seek permissions in some areas (a general problem with outdoor games).

– App only, you will need to download it to play although you can create questions on a web portal.

Prices and Plans

Loquiz charges €50 (approximately $55) per team, which is a smart way to price as it looks at the size of your activity. No monthly fees.

If you have larger events you can pay €25 per team for 40 teams, €15 per team for 100 teams and €10 per team for 200 teams. If you work with several events during the year, the app is very conveniently priced.

In Conclusion

I was very inspired to learn about Loquiz. This is a clear example of a company looking at other challenges of the event industry other than online registration and apps. Team building and corporate events need innovation and usually have the budget to pay for it (something that the long tail often struggles to offer).

The platform is well thought and details are taken care of. And, well, it works! That is big news, as usually it is a user experience nightmare to deal with apps in this market. Looking forward to seeing an iPhone enabled version but Loquiz is a total go!

Disclosure: Startup Reviews are paid for placements. While Event Manager Blog receives a fee to extensively look at the tool and review it in detail, the content of the review is independent and by no means influenced by the startup. If you have any question please use the contact us section.