Hybrid Events by Convene [Review]

Hybrid Events by Convene [Review]


Hybrid Events by Convene: What Is It?

Convene hybrid events are produced by Convene Studio, which is Convene’s all-in-one technology and production services platform that delivers virtual and hybrid events. They combine a Convene meeting room or event space, hybrid event technology, and the company’s proprietary virtual technology platform.

Convene hybrid events also include the support of a production team that manages the remote attendee experience. Convene has 23 locations in five cities across the country, all of which have been setup to support Convene hybrid events. The company also provides hybrid event technology and support for events at other venues or office spaces.


Main Feature Categories

Production Services. Convene Studio includes support via a team of event, AV, and production experts. The team has broadcast production experience and can manage everything from simple to complex events. When an issue pops up, clients are put in touch with a Convene team member who assists immediately.

Convene’s Virtual Technology. The online components of hybrid events powered by Convene hybrid events take place on the company’s virtual event platform. The platform includes a branded event website, attendee engagement features such as chat and Q&A, event analytics, production services, and streaming infrastructure for both live and pre-recorded videos.

Hybrid Technology. In order to support onsite speakers and attendees in addition to the virtual component of the event, Convene hybrid events provide hybrid AV technology. This includes additional hybrid in-room technology like cameras and lighting, as well as a support team that runs the onsite experience and creates the live stream for virtual participants.

Event Space. The final component is the physical venue, which is an event space at a Convene property. The physical space allows planners to host in-person attendees with all of the hospitality features that come with an in-person event, including F&B. It also includes standard onsite technology such as projectors and screens.



Hybrid events by Convene are the next iteration of Convene’s event offerings, which have historically been physical meeting spaces and most recently expanded to a virtual event platform. Convene hybrid events combine the provider’s virtual offerings with a hybrid AV setup and a physical Convene location to support planners in delivering hybrid events.

Convene hybrid events include teams that are dedicated to the onsite and remote experiences and  that assist planners and attendees before, during, and after the event. Convene also offers these services and tech setups at third-party venues or other meeting spaces.

For the onsite portion of hybrid events, Convene has strict health and safety measures in place, and also provides hospitality services such as catering. Both speakers and attendees have the option of attending physically or connecting remotely. Speakers are supported before and during their presentations by a technical producer from Convene’s team who is on hand to answer their questions or handle any technical issues that arise.

The physical locations are outfitted with a specialized hybrid AV technology setup, including multiple panning camera positions for varied shots, stage wash lighting for the camera, secure broadcast connections, and an in-room production team dedicated to the event.


Who’s it for?

Hybrid events by Convene are geared towards meeting planners as well as other roles, such as HR managers, marketing directors, and office managers who are not planners by trade but plan meetings for their company. It is a particularly good option for planners who do not have technical expertise or technical teams to execute virtual and hybrid events, as Convene provides end-to-end production support for both the onsite and online portions.


Who’s it not for?

Convene’s virtual and hybrid offerings are not designed for events like trade shows with more than 40 speakers. In addition, Convene hybrid events are not ideal for events where gamification is the main source of engagement, or for events that include poster sessions, such as scientific conferences.



Production Teams: Hybrid events by Convene provides experienced AV and production teams to support the planning and execution of hybrid events. Every virtual stream is managed by the Convene Virtual Event Team, which includes a Technical Producer, a Technical Director, and a Virtual AV Technician. This team works closely with the onsite production team to manage both the onsite and off-site experiences.


Onsite F&B: For the onsite component of hybrid events, planners have the option of including F&B for attendees.

Strict safety protocols: Convene is implementing stringent operating standards and safety protocols at all physical locations to ensure the safety of attendees, speakers, and production teams. The safety regulations have been endorsed by Ron Klain, President Biden’s Chief of Staff and former COVID-19 adviser.

Virtual green room: Convene’s virtual platform includes a green room where speakers, both onsite and remote, can wait and speak to each other before they go live. The green room includes a customizable timer that lets speakers know how much time they have before their presentation, as well as a clear status indicator that reads “Green Room,” which switches to “Live” when speakers are pushed live and are broadcasting to attendees. While in the green room, speakers can hear the live presenter but have the option of requesting that the technical producer mute the audio if needed.

Digital remote control: Convene’s green room includes a QR that speakers can scan with their smartphone to access a browser-based remote control that allows them to control their slides during their presentations.


Pricing and Plans

For more information on Convene’s pricing and plans, reach out to their team to schedule a demo.


Pros and Cons


  • Onsite safety protocols
  • All-in-one solution for hybrid events
  • Full production support for onsite and online components, before, during, and after the event


  • Not intended for events like trade shows with more than 5,000 attendees
  • Not intended for events with more than 40 speakers
  • Not ideal for events where gamification is the main source of engagement



Convene has a unique offering in the current event tech market in that it includes both virtual and onsite infrastructure and support to help planners execute hybrid events. It provides planners access to a physical location to host their in-person attendees and speakers, as well as a virtual platform and production teams that manage both experiences.

Planners who are looking for an all-in-one hybrid option that includes dedicated support and who are located in the areas that Convene serves will get the most value out of this new offering.

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