Hubilo Virtual + Hybrid Event Platform [Review]

Hubilo Virtual + Hybrid Event Platform [Review]

Hubilo: What Is It?

Hubilo is a virtual and hybrid event platform built with a focus on audience engagement and providing an excellent user experience as a gateway to business results. The platform is deeply brandable and support is offered via a dedicated customer success team.

Hubilo offers a variety of features to support audience engagement and networking, as well as agenda options that include breakout rooms, lounges and more. The mobile application replicates the desktop app fully, making it an appropriate hybrid option.

Main Feature Categories

Attendee Experience: Hubilo offers several engagement and gamification features that enable organizers to drive participation in specific areas, including sessions, breakouts, the lounge, and attendee to attendee interactions.

‘White Glove’ Customer Service. Hubilo has a full-time customer success team available to users in need of assistance. The services they provide include onboarding to set up the event, assisting with speaker and exhibitor onboarding, supporting post event analysis, and being on-call on the day of the event should any problems arise.

Custom Branding. Hubilo’s custom branding option enables organizers to create an event that replicates the look and tone of their company. Sponsor, partner and exhibitor areas can also reflect their specific branding.

Sessions. The session capabilities Hubilo offers aim to provide attendees with an immersive experience. Organizers have access to a range of options to make virtual sessions interactive, such as a live chat, Q&A, and polls during keynotes, panel discussions and masterclasses.


Hubilo is a virtual and hybrid event platform that caters to clients placing an emphasis on enhancing event engagement. Hubilo has a user-friendly layout for both organizers and attendees. The mobile app has the same functionality as the desktop experience.

Hubilo features full-time customer support teams that are available to help customers at all stages of the event-planning process, before, during and after. The services the customer success team provides include onboarding support, speaker and exhibitor onboarding experience, and consultation and tech support as needed on the day of the event.

Hubilo also offers a leaderboard, which can boost engagement in specific areas. Points are customizable and cover a wide range of activities. Hubilo also allows planners to host contests directly on the platform in a variety of formats such as quiz, photo, video or selfie contests. These contests can link to rewards which help to drive extra engagement.

Video streaming options include live and on-demand broadcasts through Hubilo Broadcasting Studio, Zoom, YouTube, or Vimeo. The Hubilo Broadcasting Studio service leverages Zoom or external encoders like OBS, Streamyard, Restream, Vmix, and WebEx.

Who’s it for?

Hubilo is aimed at event planners who are looking to stage a virtual or hybrid event that prioritizes engagement. The ease-of-use of the platform matched with the proactive support offered make it a sensible option for planners transitioning to virtual or who are adding a virtual component to their in-person event for the first time.

Who’s it not for?

Hubilo may not be ideal for planners looking to run simple webinars. Currently Hubilo does not offer AV production assistance in house, so planners will need to add these capabilities through other arrangements.


Event Registration: Users are able to build an event registration page able to sell an assortment of tickets and accept payments. Among the tickets users can sell are free, regular, VIP, and discounted tickets. The payment process can be handled on Hubilo via payment systems like Stripe and Chargebee. Invoicing and accounting of these payments can also be done through the platform.

Live And Pre-Recorded Streaming Sessions: Hubilo provides options to host both live and pre-recorded videos. Videos can be streamed through Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo or Hubilo Streaming. The Hubilo Streaming service claims to have minimal latency, and playback sessions are available to attendees once the session is complete.

In-session Audience Engagement: Hubilo offers a range of engagement options to drive interaction in sessions. Among these options are Q&A, live polls, and chat available for attendees, speakers and sponsors. Session hosts and speakers can encourage engagement by creating polls, highlighting important items, and moderating and answering questions.

Event Spaces: Hubilo offers a wide range of interactive and customizable virtual spaces for attendees to engage with content and with each other. These range from main sessions to small groups in rooms and lounges and one-one networking interactions. Attendees are also able to personalize their event page to reflect their schedules via bookmarking and networking approach options.

Sponsor Packages: Organizers on Hubilo are able to create packages for sponsors, exhibitors, or partners that showcase their company in various ways. This involves being able to control and manage their profiles. Sponsors, exhibitors and partners are able to download lead data directly from the platform when attendees grant permission for their data to be shared.

Analytics: Hubilo provides a range of analytics to help organizers understand the numbers behind their events. These are available on the dashboard and feature event engagement statistics and attendee information. The analytics can be viewed across multiple events to identify recurring patterns. Categories include room analytics, people, networking, virtual booths and more.

Security: Hubilo boasts enterprise-grade security features including multiple role-based access controls and integrates with Single Sign-On (SSO).The platform’s Information Security Management System has been developed in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013. In addition, the platform complies with the most rigorous data regulations including GDPR and includes features that simplify the process of making any event GDPR compliant.

Pricing and Plans

To find out more about Hubilo’s pricing plans, contact [email protected] for further information.


Hubilo is an accomplished virtual and hybrid event platform that provides a comfortable experience for planners running virtual or hybrid events. The platform’s simple interface can be navigated with ease, and makes it easy for attendees and organizers to take advantage of powerful features of the platform.

In addition, Hubilo provides its customers and attendees with a welcome safety net in the form of a dedicated customer success team, ready to offer assistance whenever it is required. Event organizers looking for virtual tools that are both easy to use and designed to increase attendee engagement are the ideal customers for Hubilo.

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