Aventri Virtual & Hybrid Event Solution [Review]

Aventri Virtual & Hybrid Event Solution [Review]


What Is It?

Aventri’s Virtual & Hybrid Event Solution is an end-to-end platform designed to let you execute your events from one spot. The solution came about as a response to the changing needs of the event industry, which must accommodate virtual, onsite, and hybrid—in-person and online—formats.

Aventri users don’t have to integrate third party suppliers in order to set up events.

The platform’s end-to-end capabilities allow enterprise organizations to plan, promote, execute, and analyze virtual and hybrid events entirely through the platform. If organizations, however, have subscriptions to third-party tools such as video or chat, Aventri will let you configure these tools into the platform.

Aventri customers have access to 24/7 support, which includes building and configuring the events from templates. A key differentiator is Aventri’s commitment to privacy and security: The platform is used — among other places — in finance, banking, and in the military. It accomplishes this in part by being an end-to-end solution, meaning that it has control over the data and privacy regulation compliance at every stage of the process. Nevertheless, if an organization has a subscription to a software, it can integrate it with Aventri as necessary.

If data privacy and security is a priority for your event, reach out to Aventri to learn more.


Main Feature Categories

Security and Privacy

Aventri’s Virtual & Hybrid Event Solution emphasizes security and privacy. Aventri does this by offering end-to-end technology native to the platform.

With no third-party tools involved, the data passes through fewer hands, and the user has total control over their data. This makes Aventri suitable for the enterprise market, which tends to be concerned with privacy and scale.

In addition, Aventri has data-centres across the globe, and this allows, for example, all data to be held within the European Union if GDPR compliance requires it.

Finally, Aventri is designed for a closed audience, with each individual allocated a registration number, which is subsequently used to log into the platform.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Aventri’s Virtual & Hybrid Event Solution uses a content manager with an intuitive interface for adding event elements. When it comes to designing event pages, a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) theme editor makes them easily configurable to your brand esthetic. The platform doesn’t demand technical acumen on the part of the user. Rather, the WYSIWYG interface makes developing the look and feel of events a low-lift activity, especially for those using a previous event as a template. For those who need support, however, Aventri offers around-the-clock help. Event planners also get access to a special phone number for priority support.


Aventri’s dashboard allows attendees to take advantage of networking opportunities. Attendees can search for people based on respective interests, which they can check off while registering, or through the networking button. Users are then shown suggested contacts based on mutual interests. Aventri allows attendees to connect through direct, session and event-level text and video chat.


Lead Generation

Exhibitors can engage with attendees on the platform in a number of ways, including via one-to-one or one-to-many video calls. Exhibitors can also generate a survey on the platform in order to qualify leads for marketing and sales purposes on the spot.

Aventri allows exhibitors to collect leads at both virtual and hybrid events, and subsequently funnel them into one central location, whether you use Aventri’s native sales tool or another common CRM. If your lead generation tool isn’t listed, Aventri can add it. The platform helps avoid keeping lead data in silos.



Aventri’s Hybrid and Virtual Event Platform has the bandwidth, registration complexity, and security required to support the needs of enterprise organizations. The technology natively built into the end-to-end platform allows Aventri to manage the data and the regulation compliance at every stage of the event. The technology is built to scale, and can accommodate breakout-room sessions with hundreds of attendees.

In addition to working on your desktop browser, Aventri offers an app that is compatible with both the iOS and Android operating systems. This will be a key differentiator as events move back onsite and planners will begin to look for platforms that simplify their vendor selection process.

Onsite technology is also important for streamlining lead collection, and Aventri allows marketers to house all their leads — from both virtual and in-person events — in one place. These leads can be funnelled into an array of sales software, including Salesforce, Marketo and HubSpot. If your organization’s sales tool of choice isn’t listed, Aventri can add it using their comprehensive API.

Aventri comes with highly configurable templates. The content manager is fairly intuitive, and page design is managed through a theme editor that uses a WYSIWYG format, so any event planner can customize and brand their virtual event without any special technical background. Aventri does, however, provide support around the clock in case users have any questions.

Finally, the platform also aims to measure the happiness of attendees at the events—both in-person and virtual—through the use of AI, which gathers data points through specific questions.


Who’s it for?

Aventri’s Hybrid and Virtual Events Platform caters to enterprise organizations looking for a comprehensive event management platform that values privacy and security. The platform can support presentations of over 25,000 attendees and has a limit of 250 maximum attendees in its interactive virtual breakout sessions, and that means large events will appreciate its bandwidth.


Who’s it not for?

If you’re looking to build an event platform for a small or simple event program, Aventri may not be ideal. The platform’s capabilities cater to enterprise businesses. It also may not be cost effective for smaller budgets as Aventri charges for added features beyond the basics.



Professional Services: Aventri has an in-house professional services team that offers support when needed. This includes help with lead retrieval, sending emails, designing web pages, printing badges, and running the registration desk. Professional services are also available for virtual solutions, including training, pre-event building, design, and planning as well as live event support.

Virtual Lobby: Once an attendee registers for an event, the attendee joins a virtual lobby, which gives individuals the opportunity to interact with other like-minded attendees through the network button on the left-hand side of the screen.


Networking & Engagement: The platform features a smart matchmaking option. Attendees can highlight their interests on their respective profiles, and once they sign into the event, the platform automatically generates networking opportunities based on similarities between attendees. Attendees can then opt to connect via chat or video in an effort to continue networking.


Sponsorship Capabilities: The platform is configurable to cater to your brand, and offers many opportunities to showcase sponsor brands as well. Among the sponsorship capabilities, users have access to:

  • Sponsor listings and virtual booths
  • Sponsored sessions
  • Sponsored banner ads
  • Sponsored messages


Native Video: Aventri handles video broadcasts and video networking natively within the platform, which allows attendees to experience both without as much lag as might come with platforms that rely on other streaming or conferencing tools. For those platforms who prefer to use Zoom, WebEx, or similar for delivering session content, Aventri can integrate with them but cannot track engagement to the same degree.

Lead Generation: Marketers can take advantage of the fact that leads go directly into one spot from both virtual and in-person attendee interactions, and that leads can be funnelled into a sales tool of your choice, including Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot. The exhibitor can download all of the leads, onsite (with an iPad) or virtually through the platform. All the leads go into one central location. The event planner can see how many leads each exhibitor has received cumulatively.

Reporting and Analytics: Aventri’s platform tracks how long people stay in virtual lobbies, what products they look at, and how long they’re engaging with the app. These turn into separate reports the event planner can then use to evaluate their event’s KPIs and ROI.


Pricing and Plans

Aventri provides different plans depending on the number of event attendees:

  • Starter: Less than 500 attendees
  • Plus: Up to 1,000 attendees
  • Enterprise: Custom


Pros and Cons


  • Emphasis on security and privacy, suitability for enterprise clients
  • Native end-to-end technology
  • Highlighly configurable templates and lower lift to design look and feel
  • Smart matchmaking and higher value connections among attendees
  • Streamlined lead generation across virtual and onsite sales squads


  • Cost and complexity
  • Extra cost to white label
  • Additional features come with added costs
  • Analytics dashboards have to be custom built



If you’re looking for a customizable events platform that offers privacy and security, Aventri’s Virtual & Hybrid Event Solution does that through its native, end-to-end technology.

The solution offers configurable templates that cater to the branding needs of enterprise organizations. Event planners need not be technically inclined in order to produce an events solution, however, for those who need support, Aventri offers an around-the-clock helpline.

Finally, Aventri’s native technology is scalable for organizations looking to hold large events.

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