How to Boost Event Registration with Social Media

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In a world where social media is constantly evolving and changing, it can be difficult for event marketers to know where to start or what to do next in this relatively new medium. However, there is no question that social media has fundamentally shifted the way people find and digest information about events. Just think – you used to get information about the event industry through magazines, newspapers and posted-and-stamped invitations to conferences and tradeshows. Now, you read industry updates on LinkedIn, Twitter and the Event Manager Blog.

The ROI dilemma

No matter how basic or advanced your knowledge of social media, one question that still plagues social media marketers is “What am I getting out of all this?”. Or, in other words, what is the return on my investment in social media? Fortunately, our industry has an easy answer to the ROI question, because we have a universal goal: to drive registration and attendance to our events.

A Free Ebook to Answer Your Questions

At Cvent, we have launched a new eBook this week that helps you make that connection between social media marketing and quantifiable results, such as increased registrations and tickets sold to your events. The eBook, “Event Marketing 2.0: How to Boost Event Attendance through Social Media,” offers event organizers practical tips and best practices to effectively market their events through social media. Some highlights of the eBook include:

• How to put together a social media strategy specific to your event
• Tips on determining which social media channels are most relevant for your target audience
• Advice on building a “social infrastructure” for your event in major networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube
• Guidance on how to integrate social media with your event website, invitations and online registration system

To access the eBook for yourself, download a free copy from here .