Crowdsource Your Presentations with Reel

Reel is a nice tool to save us from death by Powerpoint.
This post is by Julius Solaris for Event Manager Blog (?).

Sad presentations exist. It is a sad truth.

While you can read about making them better here, it is however tough to understand whether our slides will work or not.

While tools such as Shakespeak help speakers to engage more with the audience during presentations, the end product is already there.

A little to late to make it better.

Introducing Reel

ReadWriteWeb reports on a great new tool, Reel.

The idea is simple: upload your presentation and ask your peeps to give you feedback, before presenting it.

How Does it Work?

It is amazingly easy:

– Upload your slides
– Invite friends or peers by sharing the URL via email, Facebook or Twitter
– Review voting of each slide on the reporting dashboard

Why is it relevant?

Feedback makes things better. I believe we all agree on this.

Reel organizes feedback in an easy to digest interface and with extreme convenience.

Most of the advice on making powerful presentations revolves around avoiding to be focussed on yourself. Reel helps with capturing what your listeners (rather than yourself) want.

If I had to hire a speaker I would suggest them to use Reel to test the impact of their presentation either with event staff or with a test audience.

Give it a whirl!