The Best Posts in November 2012 on @EventMB

This is a roundup of the best posts in November 2012 on Event Manager Blog. If you wish to sponsor the next Best Posts of the Month on EMB, get in touch here.

November, oh what a month! We had super guest posts and lots of discussion. I don’t remember so many comments coming through in a single month.

In other news, we launched a Facebook page. A great way to be notified about new posts.

Ok, enough said. Here are…

The Best Posts in November 2012

1. Why Most #Eventprofs Have ADHD/ADD and Why It’s a Good Thing.

Superb guest post by Michelle Bergstein. A must read if you are or plan to be in the industry.

2. LinkedIn Shuts Down Events App.

LinkedIn quietly shut down their Events App, leaving a lot of us in despair. Here is what you need to know.

3. 3 Ways to Livestream Events on YouTube.

Few eventprofs realize that it is actually possible to stream events live on YouTube. Here is how.

4. How To Relieve Event Planning Stress.

Feeling stressed? This post shares techniques, resources and tools to give you a break.

5. 10 New Startups On The Event Industry Block.

Here are the latest startups disrupting the industry. Who’s your favourite?

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