The Best Posts of June 2015 on @EventMB

Time for our monthly roundup of the hottest articles on your favourite event blog.


June was an awesome month. A legion of fresh planning ideas, career advice, inspiring stories. Everything you’ve ever wanted!

If you were busy planning your next event, here is what you missed.

The Best Posts in June 2015

1. 5 Signs Event Planning is Not Your Cup of Tea

Do you think you’re cut out to be an event planner? In this article we’ve analysed what it really takes to be an Event Planner.

2. 10 Tips to Growth Hack Your Event

This popular article was about how to successfully implement the Growth Hacking technique in the Events Industry. A bunch of useful tips that can be adapted for basically any event.

3. Are you an Event Planner or an Event Doer?

Sometimes you can find yourself doing so much event stuff you forget about actually planning the event and vice versa.  In this article we explore what is Event Planning and how it is different from Event Doing.

4. 7 Ways to Get to the Next Level in Your Event Planning Career

In this post you will find 7 things you can do to elevate your career in the event industry. Including “if you want to become a better event manager, be a little selfish”…

5. 13 Tips to Keep Attendees Until the Conference Close

Want to know how to plan an event that nobody ever wants to leave early? Essential reading specially for you. Best tips and practices all in one post!

6. Bonus this month

Announcing The Event Technology of The Year Award #ETY15

Exciting news that make our hearts beat faster! This month we announced our first award event devoted to the best of the best in the Event Technology Industry. Stay tuned with the official hashtag #ETY15!

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