The Best Posts in January 2014 on @EventMB

Time for our monthly roundup of the hottest articles on your favourite event planning blog.

We kept the momentum going in January with the most visited and talked about month in the history of this blog. We had some fun, we gave you a good dose of inspiration for the year ahead.

In case you were busy planning your next event, here is a roundup of…

The Best Posts in January 2013

1. 20 Reasons Why We Love and Hate Events

A funny analysis of the hate/love relationship between event profs and their events. An instant classic for the community.

2. 10 Non-Tech Event Trends for 2014

10 Event Trends was an overnight success. For everything non-tech this post by Jez Paxman filled in the gaps.

3. Event Managers Guide to the Science of Persuasion

Selling more tickets is our daily mantra yet when it gets to influence attendees to action, are you sure you are aware of all the techniques of persuasion? Kelvin Newman gives an overview of how you can use science to change behaviours.

4. Not Just Fun and Games: Why Event Professionals Should Care About Gamification

Cathy Key brings us a detailed overview of how games can turn attendees in active participants, increasing engagement and satisfaction.

5. 10 Clever Event Startups You Need to Try Right Now

Some incredible ideas to change the ways you run events. A roundup of what is innovative out there.

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