The Best Posts of April 2014 on @EventMB

Time for our monthly roundup of the hottest articles on your favourite event blog.

Best event planning articles april 2014

We like to think we gave you a good dose of challenges for April, and you enthusiastically took them!

In case you were busy planning your next event, here is a roundup of…

The Best Posts in April 2014

1. 12 Habits of Unsuccessful Event Planners

What makes events unsuccessful? Probably poor habits that we keep with us despite the changes in technology and needs of our attendees.

2. How to Engage Introverts at Conferences

A thought provoking article by Jez Paxman about engaging al audiences at conferences.

3. 10 Event Startups You Need to Know About

A good dose of innovation for those in search for new technology to try at their event

4. Six Major Event Sustainability Issues and How to Solve Them

The first article about greening your event by Shawna McKinley.

5. Inspire me! How to Stimulate Fresh Thinking at Your Events

Cathy Key shares some tips to find inspiration when you experience the event planner’s block.

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