The Best Posts of 2013 on @EventMB

Wow what a year has been at Event Manager Blog.

Visitors to the site almost doubled year on year and we could not be prouder. We like to think that the level of content has been kept to the highest quality. We are looking forward to a great 2014 with more surprises and great articles.

Best event planning posts 2013

If you missed them last year I wanted to let you know that we launched 3 super successful initiatives in 2013.

The Event App Bible and The Good Event Registration Guide, two reports respectively on event apps and online registration tools. They were both downloaded more than 16,000 times. You can get your copy for free, no email required.

We also launched Fudge, a WordPress Premium Theme that revolutionised event websites forever.

Enough said.

We combined the number of social shares to visits and these are the top 5 posts of 2013 on Event Manager Blog

The Best Posts in 2013

1. 10 Event Trends for 2014

Our annual presentation outlining the key trends for next year was soon the most shared and clicked article of the whole year. If you missed the presentation here it is:

Can’t see slide? Click here.

2. The Best Tech Gadgets for Event Professionals

Despite what pundits like to say #eventprofs love tech and gadgets. Here is a list of the coolest ones for 2014.

3. 20 Tactics to Drive More Attendees to Exhibition Booths

Exhibitions are one of the key drivers for the industry. Yet the dynamics of those exhibiting still belong to the 70s. Here are some tactics to drive more attendees to booths preserving integrity and effectiveness.

4. 20+ Must Follow Pinterest Boards for Event Professionals

If you love Pinterest, you are not alone. Here are some cool boards to be inspired.

5. Dear Event Planner, I Hate You. Sincerely, Your Speaker.

I had a lot of fun writing this post and the accompanying Haiku Deck exploring the other side of the coin.

The presentation was also shortlisted as finalist (you can still vote) as best creative hook from the great guys at Haiku Deck.

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