20 Reasons Why We Love and Hate Events

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The love-hate relationship between event professionals and their job is quite an incredible one. In very few industries can you find such passionate and dedicated individuals. 


The relationship with our job is far from being straightforward. Quite the opposite, it can be stressing, daunting and boring but also energising, rewarding and fulfilling.

I’ve always been fascinated by how dedicated event professionals are to their events. I am also gobsmacked by the patience we have when dealing with our guests, clients and vendors.

This is probably why Event Coordinator moved up in the ranking as the 5th most stressful job , preceded only by Airline Pilot, Firefighter, Military General and Military Personnel.

If you’d ask a firefighter I am sure they are not excited to dive into flames to save someone. Yet they would do it again and again for that rewarding feeling of actually saving human life.

The same can be said for event professionals. We are not overly enthusiastic about several aspects of our events, yet the feeling of making our guests happy keeps us very attached to our job

So join me, with a tad of humour, in our journey through the most irritating and rewarding moments of being an event professional.

Love Vs. Hate

You hate: When clients want to be event planners


You love: A plan coming together

You hate: No Shows

You love: The after party with your team

You hate: When attendees think you are their personal assistant

You love: Being the boss

You hate: When dietary requirements become an order to a 5 star restaurant

You love: when you could have done 100 things better than Jennifer Lopez in “The Wedding Planner”

You hate: Last minute requests, requests, requests

You love: Your child birthday is the event of the year at school

You hate: Technology that doesn’t work

You love: Technology that works

You hate: The stress of the night before

You love: Being an accountant, a chef, a handyman, a project manager, a social media expert, a waiter, etc.

You hate: Travelling

You love: Travelling

You hate: Rain

You hate: Clueless, unhelpful Venue People

In Conclusion

I hope this post made your Tuesday better. Share it with your colleagues, I am sure they will agree.

I am equally certain you have plenty more to add, so use the comment section.

Photo by Erik J. Gustafson